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How to avoid identity theft with two-factor authentication

Stay safe online with two-step authentication

by 18/10/2014

Two-step authentication is a security measure designed to help stop theft of personal information from certain websites and email services. We explain how it works and show you how to set it up for the likes of Gmail, Facebook and Twitter. Read more about two-step authentication

Broadband and TV

Save money on your broadband and TV deal

by 10/10/2014

Broadband and TV bundles from pay TV providers, such as Sky and Virgin Media, may be a convenient option - but they're not always the cheapest. We take a look at a cheaper alternative. Read more on how to save money on your broadband and TV deal

Facebook security

How to protect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles

by 09/10/2014

Stay one step ahead of online fraudsters by restricting the information they can find out about you online. Read on for how to protect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles


EE launches EE TV PVR

by 08/10/2014

EE has announced a new PVR TV box that will soon be available to both new and existing customers, with a 1TB hard drive and multi-screen viewing. Read on for all the key features of EE TV


4K TV – the good, the bad and the inconvenient truth


We've just published our comprehensive reviews of the latest 4K TVs. We're wowed by their picture quality, but there's still a rather big question mark over them. Read on for our latest testing results of 4K ultra HD TVs

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Are you paying too much for line rental? Six years of price rises revealed

by Apps 23/11/2014 2 comments

BT, Sky and TalkTalk will deliver an unwanted early Christmas present to customers when they hike the cost of line rental on 1 December. We've tracked landline costs back to 2008 and found that regular price increases by five major providers mean you now could be paying up to 62% more. Read on to see how much providers' prices have gone up over the last six years

Extended warranty – how to shop smarter when buying one

by News 21/11/2014 What's your opinion?

Our follow-up investigation finds extended warranties are still not always being sold responsibly by retailers. Read on for our guide to the key questions you should ask before buying an extended warranty

Best Android Apps on Chrome OS

by Apps Chromebooks Laptops 21/11/2014 What's your opinion?

Android apps are coming to Chrome OS and we've picked the five best Android apps that have been ported across. Read on as we highlight our favourite apps

The cheapest short-term broadband and phone deals

by Broadband 20/11/2014 What's your opinion?
wi-fi broadband router

If you're in the midst of moving house you might want an internet connection without committing to a long contract. Read on as we compare short-term broadband deals so you'll know which offers the most value

LG 55EC930V TV – does LG’s OLED have the best picture we’ve seen?

by TVs 19/11/2014 What's your opinion?
LG curved OLED TV

We've tested our first OLED HD TV and found it has picture quality to rival some 4K sets. Read on to find out if our experts think it's worth splashing out £3,000 on

Nokia N1 first look – an Android tablet to rival the iPad mini 3

by Tablets 18/11/2014 2 comments
Nokia N1 tablet

Nokia has announced the N1 tablet, a 7.9-inch Android slate that's even lighter and thinner than the iPad mini 3. Read on for the key features, price and release date details of Nokia's new tablet

Can you believe the broadband speeds promised by providers?

by Broadband 17/11/2014 What's your opinion?
Broadband speed

Did you know that the speeds quoted in broadband ads only need to apply to 10% of a provider's customers? Read on for the details of a Which? campaign to create tighter guidelines for ISPs

Apple releases fix for iMessage bug

by Apple Apps Smartphones 15/11/2014 What's your opinion?

Switched from an iPhone to a non-Apple phone and found you can no longer receive messages from your iPhone-owning friends? A fix has finally arrived. Read on to find out how to de-register your mobile number and solve the iMessage problem

How to connect your Android tablet to a PC via USB

by Android 15/11/2014 1 comment

Having trouble transferring your photos and music via USB to your Android tablet? Read our step-by-step guide to easily connecting your Android tablet to a PC

Tablet buyer’s checklist – find out what our experts look for

by Tablets 14/11/2014 What's your opinion?
Buying the best tablet

Buying a new tablet can be a bewildering experience, with all kinds of speed, size and model available. To help, we've put together a buyer's checklist of what to look out for. Read on for tablet-buying tips from our experts