Conversations from: October 2010

Four reasons to be angry at your mobile provider

Which? mobile phone expert Christopher Reynolds list the four things that annoy him the most when it comes mobile phone providers. Read more on why you should be angry at your provider

Windows Phone 7 shortages reported

Retailer Orange is reportedly facing a shortage of Windows Phone 7 phones. In other news, Microsoft gives each and everyone of its 89,000 employees a handset running the new operating system... Read more on Windows Phone 7

Acer announces the Liquid Metal

Acer has officially announced the Liquid Metal,  scheduled for a UK launch in mid-November. Read more on the Acer Liquid Metal

Mount Everest gets 3G

Putting the London Underground’s recent wi-fi milestone in perspective, a 3G base station has been installed at the summit of Mount Everest. Read more on Mount Everest's 3G network

London Underground gets wi-fi next week

Wi-fi access is coming to the London Underground next week...but just at one station, and just on a six month trial. Read more on London Underground wi-fi

Opera Mini 5.1 launches on Nokia devices

Good news Nokia fans! The Symbian-tailored mobile web browser, Opera Mini 5.1, is now available to download. More on Opera Mini 5.1

The White iPhone 4 soap opera continues

Another day, another White iPhone 4 rumour, this time blaming the camera for the delay, as some claim that the handset has been scrapped completely. Read what's meant to have gone wrong this time

Windows Phone 7 vs PS Phone: Why neither of them will win

We discuss what the rumoured PlayStation Phone really means for Windows Phone 7 and mobile phone gaming. Read more on Windows Phone 7

Will Samsung reveal the Nexus Two? We doubt it

Another Google Nexus Two rumour has bubbled up claiming the handset will be made by Samsung and will be announced next month. Read more on the Nexus Two

Operators criticised for promoting “unlimited” allowances

Which?’s mobile phone expert Ceri Stanaway has criticised network operators and retailers for continuing to falsely advertise tariff allowances as “unlimited”. Read more on unlimited allowances