Conversations from: November 2010

iPhone 4 users get rude wake up call

Apple has been rudely waking up iPhone 4 users with fake Facetime calls at two in the morning. Read more on the Facetime glitch

T-Mobile to update Samsung Galaxy S devices today

T-Mobile customers who have been waiting for a Froyo update for their Samsung Galaxy S could finally be getting it over the air today. Barry says so

LG Star twinkles again

More pictures of the LG Star have appeared. The good news: it has an HDMI port. The bad news: it's only running Android Froyo. Read more on the latest rumours

What do ‘free mobile phones’ really cost?

Which? takes a look at 'free mobile phone' contract deals and finds out what price you're really paying. Read how much can you save by paying upfront

Motorola Defy first look video review

Our first look video review of the Motorola Defy is now available for your viewing pleasure. Check out our new videos

Vodafone claims ‘best value’ data roaming

Vodafone has launched what it claims to be the ‘best value’ EU data roaming plan on the market. Read more on Vodafone's new roaming plan

How to make a smartphone app in 45 minutes

Ever wondered how an smartphone app gets made? We have, so Which? went along to an app industry event to investigate. Read more on how to make a smartphone app

Nokia X7 spotted

A new Nokia Symbian ^3 phone sporting four speakers has appeared on the internet. Read more on Nokia's latest phone

London Underground’s mobile phone network inches closer

UK network operators are about to sign an agreement to provide mobile reception in the London Underground, once they stop bickering about who’s going to pay for it. Read more on the London Underground's network

Google age-rates Android apps

Google is going to start using an age rating system for the Android Market as users ask for more help finding appropriate apps. Read more on the new rating system