Conversations from: January 2011

Facebook Deals comes to UK smartphone users

UK Facebook app users, on iPhone and Android, now have access to Facebook Deals, a location based service that points users toward cheap deals and discounts. Find out more about Facebook Deals

The best Nokia phones

Which? rounds-up its favourite Nokia Best Buy mobile phones. Read more on the best Nokia phones

Buying mobile phones for the hard-of-hearing

Which? gives its top tips for buying a mobile phone for the hard-of-hearing. Read more on buying mobile phones for the hard of hearing

RIM’s 2011 BlackBerry plan leaked

In yet another BlackBerry-themed leak, slides showing RIM’s 2011 roadmap have been released on the internet, revealing info and release dates for a number of upcoming handsets. Read more on the new BlackBerry leaks

Vodafone cuts-off mobile coverage in Egypt

Vodafone has suspended its mobile phone service in parts of Egypt, amid mass anti-government protests throughout Cairo. Read more on Vodafone Egypt

‘Mobile phone wallets’ coming to Orange

Everything Everywhere, parent company of T-Mobile and Orange, has announced that it will be shipping NFC-equipped Sim cards, in what it claims will be a 'revolution' in how we pay for high-street items. Read more on Orange's NFC plans

Sony reveals PlayStation Suite for Android

Sony has announced a new videogame store for Android smartphone users, the PlayStation Suite. Read more on the PlaySation Suite

HTC rumoured to announce Facebook phones

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is rumoured to be developing two Facebook-branded smartphones that will be announced at Mobile World Congress next month. Read more on the Facebook rumours

Samsung officially announces new Galaxy smartphone range

Samsung has confirmed four new Android smartphones in its Galaxy range, the Ace, mini, Gio and Fit. Read more on Samsung's latest phones

O2 announces free wi-fi service

O2 has today announced a new wi-fi service that will be free to use for anyone with a wi-fi capable device, regardless of their mobile or internet provider. Read more on O2's new wi-fi service