Conversations from: May 2011

Apple iOS 5 and iCloud to be revealed in less than a week

Apple's iOS 5 operating system for iPhone will be revealed at an Apple event on Monday June 6. Read more about Apple's announcement

HTC ChaCha available on pre-order

HTC's Facebook phone the ChaCha is now available free on pre-order. Read more about mobile phone deals for the HTC ChaCha

Nokia to update Symbian until 2016

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has promised support for Symbian devices will continue until at least 2016, easing those worried that their smartphone software will quickly become out-of-date. Read more about the Symbian promise

Microsoft Windows 7 Mango press conference

Microsoft unveiled the details of the anticipated Mango update for Windows Phone 7 handsets. Which? was on hand to explore many of the 500 new features. You can replay the entire press conference here to get a flavour of what's to come in the autumn. Watch the whole of Microsoft's press conference here

Windows Phone 7 Mango photo gallery

Check out the photos taken at the unveiling of the Mango update coming later this year to Windows Phone 7 handsets. See screen shots from the impressive new British Airways app and examples of some of the 500 new features. See photos taken at the unveiling of Windows Phone 7 Mango

Samsung Tocco Quick Tap video review

Which? Mobile teams up with Which? Money gives the low down on the first mobile phone capable of making contactless payments, the Samsung Tocco Quick Tap. Watch our video review of the Samsung Tocco Quick Tap

O2 mobile broadband fastest in Ofcom broadband speed tests

O2 mobile broadband loads web pages faster than any other network according to research by Ofcom, while T-Mobile and Orange have the slowest mobile broadband speeds. (more…)

European Commission bans 36 month mobile phone contracts

New Europe-wide telecoms rules have come into force today, restricting mobile contracts to a maximum of 24 months and forcing operators to offer 12 month contract options. Read more about the new EU laws

Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 7 Mango update

Microsoft has revealed details of an update to the Windows Phone 7 operating system - codename Mango. Read more on the Windows Phone Mango update

New mobile wizard makes getting the best mobile phone deal easy

If you're confused about finding the best cheap mobile phone deal out there, Which? has designed an easy-to-use interactive tool to help you find the best mobile deal for you in a few easy steps. Read more about how to find the best mobile phone deal for you