Conversations from: June 2011

Vodafone raises PAYG call and text charges

Vodafone is raising its basic pay-as-you-go prices, with the cost of standard calls to landlines and mobiles increasing by nearly 20%. Read more about Vodafone's price rises

What is Android?

Ever wondered what that green robot thing is? Read the Which? guide to Android. Read more about Android

HTC Evo 3D to get UK launch

HTC has unveiled the Evo 3D smartphone and revealed that it will be launched in the UK this summer. Read more about the Evo 3D

Get the best mobile deal with top tips from our mobile shop insider

Our mobile phone shop insider knows all the tricks of the mobile trade, having worked at a network store, an independent reseller, and trained staff on improving customer experience. Following Which?'s investigation into advice in high street mobile shops, he's shared his top tips on how to get the best mobile deal. Read our mobile phone shop insider's top tips

Mystery shopper: Orange customer service, moving house – losing signal

Orange customer service is put to the test by our mystery shopper to find out how well they deal with our concerns about losing mobile phone signal when we move home. Read more about Orange customer service

The best LG mobile phones

Check out Which?'s round-up of the best mobile phones from LG. Read more about the best LG phones

LG Optimus 3D available on pre-order

The world's first 3D smartphone, the LG Optimus 3D is available on pre-order. Read more about the LG Optimus 3D on pre-order

First Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset leaks

Pictures have emerged of the first Nokia-Microsoft phone, making it look at lot like the recently announced N9. Read more about the Nokia Sea Ray

What is HTC Sense?

Not another exotically named handset, but a set of features for its Android phones. Read Which?'s guide to HTC Sense. Read more about HTC Sense

Nokia N9 announced

Nokia has officially unveiled the N9, the first smartphone to run on the MeeGo operating system. Read more about the Nokia N9