Conversations from: July 2011

What is BlackBerry?

Not just a fruit but also a brand of phones. But what's so special about a BlackBerry? Read more about BlackBerry

First look review of the Nokia E6

The Nokia E6 is the latest handset from the Finnish company aimed at professionals. We take a look a look to see if it does the business. Read more about the Nokia E6

Reduce your data use with a special app

If you’re worried about running up huge bills on your smartphone then you may be interested to hear about a money saving app called Onavo. Read more about Onavo

What is iOS?

Apple's iOS is the operating system used in all the versions of the iPhone and the iPad. As a full operating system it can run third party applications and makes the iPhone a powerful smartphone. Read more about iOS

Mystery shopper: Tesco Mobile customer service, moving house – losing signal

Losing phone signal when moving home can be a real worry - read on to see how Tesco Mobile handled our mystery shopper's questions on the subject. Read more about Tesco Mobile's customer service

LG Optimus Me hands-on review

Which? gives the LG Optimus Me affordable Android smartphone the once over before we send it off to our lab. Read more about the LG Optimus Me

Money-saving apps for Android and iPhone

The experts over at Which? Money have put together a round-up of 10 of the best money saving apps for Android and iPhone users. Read more about money saving apps for iPhone and Android

Mystery shopper: Talkmobile customer service, moving house – losing signal

How did Talkmobile's customer service team perform when our mystery shopper asked them questions about buying a new phone, moving home and losing mobile phone signal? Read more about Talk Mobile's customer service

Which? survey finds it’s easy to switch your phone deal

If you’re not happy with your mobile phone network, then the message from a Which? survey is that you should switch to a different provider. Read more about Which? Mobile's survey on switching your phone deal

HTC ChaCha Facebook phone reviewed

The HTC ChaCha is currently being tested at our lab, but before we sent it there we were able to write up our first impressions in a First Look review. Read more about the HTC ChaCha