Conversations from: January 2012

BBC iPlayer and ITV Player to come to Sky Anytime+

BBC iPlayer and ITV Player video-on-demand channels will come to Sky customers later this year, available through the Sky Anytime+ service. Find out what you need to access the BBC's iPlayer through your Sky box

What are your favourite browser extensions?

Most of us have a preferred internet browser to surf the web with, but are you getting the most out of yours? Safari, Chrome and Firefox all boast a number of add-ons you can quickly set up to improve your browsing experience. What are your favourite browser extensions?

T-Mobile announces Full Monty tariff offering unlimited calls, data & texts

On 1 February 2012, the newly-announced T-Mobile Full Monty tariff will be available, offering customer 'unlimited' internet, calls and texts from £41 per month. How does T-Mobile's Full Monty compare with Three's The One Plan?

Best tablets at CES 2012

Unlike CES in 2011, CES 2012 didn't see a massive number of new tablets being launched. But there were still a few tablets worth looking, and here's our list of the best. Read more about tablets at CES 2012

Sony Bravia TVs: 2012 line up [Video]

As well as recently showing off Crystal LED TVs and a partnership with Google, Sony has also unveiled its line up of regular TVs for 2012. Watch our video to get the full overview of the range. See the new Sony Bravia TVs in detail

The best web browsing mobile phones

We reveal the best mobile phones for surfing the web and using the internet, including Apple iPhone 4S alternatives that deliver great web browsing. Read more about the best web browsing mobile phones

Best deals for the Samsung Galaxy S2 – tech hot deal

One of the flagship Android smartphones on the market, we look at where to find the best deal on the Samsung Galaxy S2. Find out more about the Galaxy S2 hot deal. Find out more about the Galaxy S2 hot deal

Samsung ES8000: An in-depth look at this flagship TV [Video]

The Samsung ES8000 TV is this year's flagship model from Samsung. It features a host of new bells and whistles hitherto not seen on televisions before. In this in-depth video we explore the gesture and voice control aspects of the telly, and its other cutting edge features. See the Samsung ES8000 in action

The Sony Z-Series: The first Android Walkman [Video]

Sony has unveiled its latest line up of Walkman personal music players for 2012, including its first-ever Android-based MP3 player: the Z-Series. But do we need a £300 dedicated media player in our pocket or will a smartphone do? Read more about the Sony Z1000 Walkman

Apple’s ‘laptops-for-cash’ recycling service comes up short

Apple has launched its UK cash-for-laptops scheme, where it gives cash for old laptops, PCs, tablets, iPods and iPhones. But does Apple's recycling scheme offer you the best deal for your old laptop? Read more about cash for laptops