Conversations from: January 2012

Watch BBC iPlayer in the bath with the waterproof Fujitsu Arrows tablet [Video]

If you're used to precariously balancing your laptop on a stool in the bathroom to watch a film or catch up TV, then you may want to take a plunge and consider a waterproof Arrows tablet from Fujitsu. Read more about the waterproof Fujitsu Arrows

Lumix G cashback £135 – hot tech deal of the week

The Lumix G camera and lens offer from Panasonic is a great way to save some cash on what is a pricey piece of equipment. Find out more about the Lumix G deal

Which are the best smartphones?

Looking for the smartest of the smartphones? From the BlackBerry Torch to the iPhone 4, Which? rounds-up its favourite high-end smartphones. Read more on the best smartphones

The Motorola Xoom 2 – an Android tablet in two sizes [Video]

At CES 2011 we saw the Motorola Xoom, here, at CES 2012, Motorola is showing off the Xoom 2. The new Android tablet comes in 10.1- and 8.2-inch sizes. (more…)

What is an ultrabook? [Video]

Ultrabooks have been a hot topic at this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES). We've already seen launches from most major manufacturers, but what exactly is an ultrabook? We asked Intel to explain all. Read more about ultrabooks

What is OLED TV? [Video]

OLED TVs have been a key trend at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and are said by some to be the future of TV viewing. In this video we ask what OLED is and how it compares to LCD, plasma and LED TV technology. What's all this OLED TV fuss about?

Best of CES 2012 highlights video

With all the major announcements and products unveiled, we've picked out our top 5 products from CES 2012. Will you agree with our choices? Watch our best CES 2012 round-up

Motorola announces the Defy Mini and Motoluxe [VIDEO]

Motorola has announced two new Android Gingerbread smartphones, the Defy Mini and Motoluxe. Read more about the Motorola Defy Mini and Motoluxe

HP Omni 27 – HP goes large with its latest all-in-one PC

HP has been showing its biggest ever all-in-one PC at CES 2012 - the 27-inch HP Omni 27. Unlike many other all-in-one PCs the display isn't touch sensitive but it does tilt up to 25 degrees so you can adjust the viewing angle. Read about HP's latest all-in-one PC

Best cameras at CES 2012

We've seen quite a selection of new cameras here at CES 2012 and here we bring you our top picks. From a brand new system camera from Fujifilm, to a high-end DSLR from Nikon, right through to a model with built-in wi-fi. Read more about the best cameras at CES 2012