Conversations from: July 2012

How are you watching the Olympics? [Poll]

The London 2012 Olympics will offer more ways than ever to watch the action. But how will you be watching the greatest show on Earth? Tell us how you will be watching the games

BBC Olympics – watch the games on your mobile [App of the week]

The 'greatest show on Earth' has come to London and the BBC is offering an app to keep up-to-date with the games. But is it good enough to win gold? Find out what we thought of the BBC Olympics app

YouView Vs. BT Vision 2 – how do they compare?

Both claim to offer the best and easiest access to TV entertainment - we put YouView and BT Vision 2 head-to-head and compare these two new TV and PVR services. Find out which comes out on top

Helpdesk Challenge – how to claim for your Tube delay online

With the Olympics upon us, London is bracing for transport chaos as the Tube strains under the heaviest passenger numbers in its history. If you're delayed while travelling on the Underground, follow these simple tips for claiming a refund on your journey. Read more about claiming for your Tube journey

Canon’s EOS M compact system camera – how does it compare?

Canon has announced its first ever compact system camera, the EOS M - but how does it compare with the models from other manufacturers? See how it compares with other compact system cameras

Nexus 7 vs. iPad 3 – how do the tablets compare? [Video]

The Google Nexus 7 from Asus is the latest tablet to hit the market. It runs the latest version of Android and on paper sounds impressive, but how does it stack up against Apple's all-conquering iPad? Find out which tablet comes out on top

TuneIn radio – listen to radio on your mobile [App of the week]

Want to listen to your favourite digital radio stations on the move or your local radio station while you're on the other side of the world? TuneIn radio might be the one for you. Read more about TuneIn radio

Panasonic Lumix G5 first look – compact system camera [Video]

We get our hands on Panasonic's latest compact system camera - the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5. Read our first impressions and watch our hands-on video. Read more about using the features of the Panasonic G5

Now TV vs Netflix vs Lovefilm – which film streaming service is best?

The days of Blockbuster and high street DVD rentals are fast coming to a close, with many online services popping up and offering TV and film streaming in their place. We take a look at the services on offer, and tell you about each one. Find out how Now TV, Netflix and Lovefilm compare

Fixed Means Fixed: A timeline of the price rises

Which? is campaigning for fixed term contracts to have fixed prices and we need your help. Read a timeline of price rises from the mobile networks and pledge your support. Add your voice to our campaign