Conversations from: August 2012

Dell XPS One 27 – a Windows 8 all-in-one PC with touch

We've seen Dell's 27-inch all-in-one PC before but its being re-launched at IFA with Windows 8. There's a couple of other interesting tweaks too, including a new touchscreen. Read more about the Dell XPS One 27

Dell XPS 10 – 10-inch Windows 8 RT tablet with keyboard dock

This is the smallest model yet in Dell's XPS range, a 10-inch tablet with a keyboard docking station that snaps on to make it into the form a small laptop. Read more about the Dell XPS 10

Best tablets at IFA 2012 – or are they laptops…

At this years IFA tech show in Berlin most of the excitement has been around Windows 8 tablets and 'half and half' laptops that transform into tablets. Read more about the best tablets at IFA 2012

Best of IFA 2012 – vote for your favourite [Video]

We've seen a lot of great new tech at IFA 2012, but what products really caught our attention? Read our round-up and choose your favourite

Helpdesk Challenge – basic Mac troubleshooting

We round-up straightforward fixes to help new Mac owners troubleshoot their Apple computers. Read more about Apple Mac troubleshooting

Toshiba Satellite U920T – an ultrabook that converts to tablet form [IFA 2012]

Toshiba's take on the 'laptop that's also a tablet' trend doing the rounds at IFA this year, the Satellite 920T is also a Windows 8 ultrabook. Read more about the Satellite U920T

LG 55-inch OLED TV – ‘the world’s largest and slimmest’ [IFA 2012]

LG is claiming to be ushering in a new era of television with this 55-inch TV which claims to be both the largest and slimmest 55-inch OLED ever. Read more about LG's OLED TV

HP Envy x2 – half laptop, half tablet [IFA 2012]

HP has announced three new laptops at IFA 2012 including the HP Envy x2 which can turn into a tablet thanks to its detachable screen. Find out more about the HP Envy x2

Samsung Galaxy Camera – the camera that runs Android and has wi-fi and 3G, but isn’t a phone [IFA 2012]

One the most unusual products at IFA 2012, the Galaxy Camera is a compact with 4.8-inch touchscreen and Android phone operating system so you can edit and upload photos on the go. Read more about the Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – is it a phone or a tablet? [IFA 2012]

UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Samsung has unveiled the second version of its phone, tablet hybrid - the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Read more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2