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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini vs iPhone 5 – Samsung’s new ‘mini’ phone examined

Samsung has brought out a smaller version of its flagship handset that just happens to have the same screen size as the iPhone 5. We put the smartphones side-by-side to see how they compare. Find out if the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini or Apple iPhone 5 is best

Best smartphone battery life – for browsing the web

Battery life is one of the main concerns among smartphone owners so we put them to the test to see which comes out on top. Find out which smartphone has the best battery life when browsing the web

Terms and conditions: ‘Tech Time Tunnel – win a Nokia Lumia 625′

The full terms and conditions for our Tech Time Tunnel – win a Nokia Lumia 625 competition. Read on for the full terms and conditions

BBC iPlayer Radio for the iPhone [App of the week]

A new app from the BBC aims to make listening to its radio stations easier on the iPhone and iPad. But what did we think of it? Read more about the BBC iPlayer Radio app

Apple iPad mini – what is it and what do we know?

Apple is set to launch a new smaller tablet in time for Christmas. But what is the iPad mini and what do we know so far? We round-up the details. Find out more about the iPad mini

Brushes 3 – painting on the iPad and iPhone [App of the week]

Brushes is an app used for creating paintings using your iPad or iPhone. Find out more about Brushes for iPad and iPhone

Helpdesk Challenge – Windows 7 network troubleshooting

Fix your home networking problems with these simple tips for Windows 7. Read more about Windows network troubleshooting

Apple Maps alternatives – which iPhone map software is best?

The new iOS 6 update has stripped out Google Maps and left many Apple users angry with the supplied maps app. But what alternatives are available? Find out what are the best Apple Maps alternatives

Barnes and Noble Nook HD and HD+ – top five features

Barnes and Noble has announced it will be launching two tablets in the UK, the Nook HD and Nook HD+. We take a look at their best features. Find out more about the Nook HD and HD+

Onavo Count – track of your mobile data use [App of the week]

Keeping track of your data use on your smartphone isn't easy with browsing and apps all using a different amount each time. Onavo Count helps you keep track of what you use and which apps are using it. Find out more about Onavo Count