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Which tablet has the best battery life? [Infographic]

If you're going to be out and about with your tablet you don't want it to run out of power at the wrong moment. So which tablet has the best battery life? We delve into our lab data to find out. Find out which tablet performed the best

Five tips for buying the best cheap TV possible

If you're after a new TV and don't want to spend a fortune there's certainly some bargains out there, but there's also some stinkers. We run-down some of the things to watch out for when you're shopping for an affordable set. Find out more about what you should look out for in cheap TVs

HERE Maps – The new navigation app from Nokia [App of the week]

A number of companies will be looking to take advantage of Apple's failure to implement their native Maps application to iOS 6 devices successfully. Nokia has recently launched HERE Maps, so how does it compare? Find out more about HERE Maps by Nokia

Helpdesk Challenge – how do I increase my home wi-fi signal through thick walls?

Struggling to get a wi-fi signal throughout your house, either because of thick walls or when you're upstairs and away from the router? We explore some solutions for poor wireless signals. Read more about boosting your wi-fi signal

Best MP3 players for watching video

While MP3 players are great for listening to music on the move, they can also be a good choice if you want to watch a film or TV show on a long train journey. We round-up some of the best models that can also play video. Find out which are the best MP3 players with video features

Why are compact system cameras smaller and lighter than DSLRs?

Both have interchangeable lenses and don't come cheap, but what's the real difference between digital SLRs and compact system cameras? Read more about digital SLRs and compact system cameras

Save £120 on a cheap 42-inch LG HD TV [Tech Hot Deal]

If you're looking for a new cheap TV you could do worse than opting for the LG 42LM3400, especially with this tech hot deal. (more…)

Top five best cheap digital cameras [Update]

If you're loathed to take your £250+ camera on holiday for fear of knocks, scraps and sandy terrain, one of these sub-£200 compact cameras may be just the thing. Read more on cheap compact cameras

Nintendo Wii Mini appears in Canada – could it come to the UK?

Nintendo has confirmed it will be launching a Wii Mini in Canada, although there's no news yet on whether the cut price console will make it to the UK. Read more about the Wii Mini

How good is the Nokia Lumia 920′s camera, really?

We look at the Lumia 920, the latest smartphone from Nokia and see how the camera compares with the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Find out how the Lumia 920 camera performs