Conversations from: March 2014

Five tips to save money with your energy monitor

Want to save money on your electricity bill? Of course you do, and we've got five handy tips that could help you trim between £25 and £75 from an annual £500 bill. Read on for more energy monitor tips

How to stream your laptop to your TV – Helpdesk Challenge

Sick of watching movies on your small laptop screen? Our latest guide explains how to stream your laptop to your TV with minimal cost and fuss. Read more on tips to stream your laptop to your TV

Email scams – how to spot a convincing fake

Email scams are getting craftier than ever, but we show you how to avoid even the most convincing fakes. Read on to find out whether it's safe to click on that email

How to save money on directory enquiries

How much do directory enquiries cost from your mobile? We tell you, and explain ways to find the numbers you want cheaper, or for free. Read on to find out the hidden costs of directory enquiries

Is Aldi’s cheap Medion LifeTab tablet worth £80?

There’s a new cheap tablet in town, and boy is the price tag attractive. Aldi’s Medion LifeTab costs just £80, but is that money well spent? Read on to find out what we think of Aldi's one-day-only ‘Specialbuy’ tablet

EE Kestrel – a 4G phone for £99

Fancy superfast mobile internet but don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on an iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy S5? The cheap EE Kestrel might be your ticket to quick internet on the go. Read on for our EE Kestrel first look

HTC One (M8) vs Samsung Galaxy S5

We compare the HTC One (M8) against the Samsung Galaxy S5 to see which Android smartphone is the fastest, has the longest-lasting battery and has the best camera. Read on to find out how the phones measure up

Which? Tech podcast – say ‘no more’ to slow broadband

With the Which? 'Give us broadband speed guaranteed' campaign underway, our experts discuss why a slow internet connection isn't good enough. Listen in as the team explains why it's time to say 'no' to slow broadband

The future of smart TV (according to Panasonic)

With the ability to stream programmes over to your tablet or phone and the addition of Freetime, are Panasonic’s new TVs the smartest yet? Read on for more about new smart and catch-up TV services

HTC One (M8) – a flagship rival to Samsung’s Galaxy S5 [video]

HTC has unveiled its latest flagship phone, the HTC One (M8). With a processor that should make it one of the fastest phones on the market and an eye-catching metallic design, is the HTC One M8 a better alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S5? Read on for our HTC One (M8) first look