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Currently riding high in the top-rated free and paid for app charts, in both iTunes and the Android Market, Draw Something is a game of ‘can you tell what it is yet?’ that you can play with your friends.

It’s been reported that in the first seven weeks, Draw Something was downloaded a remarkable 35 million times. And it’s just been sold by the company who developed it, OMGPOP, for a sum rumoured to be over $200 million. So what’s all the fuss about?

Draw Something – what is it?

If you don't like any of the three options you can bomb them and get new words

The set up looks like a combination of hangman and Pictionary. There’s a space for drawing the picture and a set of letters at the bottom. This gives you a helping hand with what the image is, should your friends drawing skills not be up to much.

You connect with opponents through Facebook or email and draw pictures for each other  - the best bit is that you don’t just see a final picture, you see the drawing appearing line-by-line in front of your very eyes, as if you were there.

Draw Something – pros

- It’s easy and fun – there’s not too much to get about this one, to be honest, so it’s easy to just start playing.

- There are three difficulty options to choose from – the more difficult a word you guess, the more coins you earn.

Draw Something – cons

- Unless I’m missing something the coins don’t seem to get you much. You can buy bombs (which explode incorrect letters to make it easier to guess) and expand your paint palette.

- I downloaded the free version, so like most of these apps it’s plagued by ads. You can pay for the 69p version though to get rid of these.

Catherine’s first impressions

My attempt at 'surfing'...

My first sighting of this was a couple of weeks ago at home when my brother (always one step ahead of me!) showed me his latest favourite time-wasting app. I watched as his friend’s drawing was etched out before our very eyes, as we guessed what it was.

In the time since, quite a storm seems to have whipped up around this app so I thought I’d better download it and have a go myself. Having convinced another member of the tech team to play it with me, we happily exchanged drawings for the next 10 minutes – though to be honest once the novelty wears off I’m not sure there’ll be much to keep me interested in this one. It’s no Words with Friends…

There is one major loophole to this game too – there’s nothing stopping you just writing the word rather than drawing it. But where’s the fun in that?

Download it now

For iPhone and iPad – Draw Something (free version)

For Android – Draw Something (free version)

Or have you already tried Draw Something? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Pauline Ohr

I discovered Draw Something a couple of weeks ago and have had games with both my sons since then. I recently found out I could find friends through facebook who have it installed and since then have been playing with several of my grandchildren. Good fun

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