Apple iPad 3: what do you want? [Updated]

ipad 3

iPad 3 update:

Apple has now officially announced the new iPad. You can read about the new iPad in our news story, see our how the new iPad compares with the iPad 2, and read about the top new iPad features.

Apple has now confirmed that the iPad 3 will be unveiled on 7 March, 6pm UK time. We’ll be covering the event live in our iPad 3 launch liveblog.

If you have no idea what might be coming, catch up in our guide to iPad 3 rumours.

What features would you like to see on the Apple iPad 3?

Perhaps you’d like it to have a smaller screen, or maybe the current 9.7-inches isn’t quite big enough for you. But remember, screen quality isn’t all about size – common complaints about the current iPad bash its reflective nature, which hardly makes it ideal for using outdoors as an ebook reader. Perhaps a matte screen might be the answer?

But on the subject of ebook reading, at 601g how long can you really read a book for on an iPad before it becomes uncomfortable? We can’t expect the iPad 3 to weigh 168g like the new Kindle, but a shade or two lighter would be welcome – although not at the expense of battery life.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

Is there any technology that can be borrowed from other Apple products? Well, the iPhone’s retina display would be a good place to start, and how about Siri, the automated personal assistant? Making the camera on the iPad equal to that on the iPhone 4S would certainly be welcome, even if tablets aren’t really used for snapping in the same way.

A Thunderbolt connection, an A6 processor, a replaceable battery and an SD memory card slot could all potentially make an appearance, but as the latter two haven’t yet featured on an iPhone or iPad to date, would Apple really add them now?

Let us know in the comments what features  you’d like to see on the iPad 3, or iPad Pro, or iPad 2S, or whatever it’ll be called. Below are some comments from Which? member reviews of the iPad 2 that express features which are lacking.

Which? member iPad 2 reviews

Mike001 makes the following complaints about the iPad 2:

Only 16 Apps per folder? No widgets? No scrolling folders? Apps can only be in one folder? No folder icons? A keyboard that only shows upper case letters?The latest Android tablets run rings round the iPad.

And mja275 makes the following, well-documented, observation:

The lack of Flash support is a serious issue for many educational and research applications, and lack of USB a significant oversight.

The original Apple iPad was announced on 27 January 2010 while the Apple iPad 2 was officially outed on 2 March 2011. An exact date hasn’t yet been announced for the iPad 3, but we expect news this side of April.

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19 replies

  1. Well, I can see the Android trolls are in good voice. A lot of the wishes, like sd card support etc would open the device to more malware, and while many of us would probably like the ipad 3 to be more open, I think it’s more likely to levitate than for that to happen. A matte screen would be good, though you can always put a protective film on it. Retina display is good and is probably coming. What I would really like is for the device to be tougher and waterproof so I can read it in the bath without the obvious risk when it’s covered in soap.

  2. Fast, accurate and easy to use handwriting recognition programme which will easily convert to IPage or Word. Essential for those of us who take the IPad to meetings.

  3. In your wish list for iPad3 you say you would like it to be lighter than iPad 2’s 600 odd grams which you infer would get uncomfortable with use. Two books chosen from my bookshelf weigh considerably more at 1500g and 2200g respectively. iPad 2 with those two books loaded and hundreds more would still weigh just over 600g. As for Mike001’s comment about insufficient space for Apps on iPad, you can get 20 Apps per folder, 16 folders per page and 10 pages in addition to the home page of Apps that come supplied. That’s over 3200 Apps! One has to ask Mike, how many Apps does he want on his handheld device at any one time? It might also be worth noting that Microsoft have announced they are discontinuing to offer Flash on their newest mobile platform… others may follow. Happy new year to all

  4. I was going to buy the iPad2 but the fact that I couldn’t use it right out of the box was a turnoff. I’m not looking for full computer function and iPad has everything I generally need except that.

    I’m not holding my breath.

  5. a usb connection and/or SD slots would turn the ipad into a valuable tool for most applications. Microsoft software options would make it a great business tool also.

    1. There have been some rumours Microsoft is planning to release Office programs for the iPad in future. Wouldn’t hold out for USB or memory card built-in, though.

  6. Lighter, longer battery life, better camera, ability to access or store office docs would be brilliant. Also great idea to add handwriting recognition so we could write messages instead of using the keypad.

    1. Today’s rumours suggest the next iPad may have an 8-inch display. Oh, and they also suggest a March launch. Steve Jobs’ birthday is in February, so that’s beginning to look increasingly unlikely.

  7. I have an ipad 2, for the ipad 3 I would like for networked applications not to crash, I want safari not to crash when looking at autotrader, I would like the brightness/locking bug to be fixed.

    iPad 2 is nice, but there are plenty of bugs to fix

  8. Fully functional usb3 connectivity please – card readers/external drives/flash drives etc. RAM expansion via micro SD slots preferably two that can be used concurrently.

    Matte screen so it can be used in sunlight.

  9. Like so many others, I love my ipad 2, would dearly love a USB and SD card slot and the ability to transfer docs/photos easily. I have got a transfer device which accepts both slots so that I can put photos into DCIM folder on an SD card /USB stick and import them that way – but just as easy to use iTunes; and no docs transfer using this.

  10. Instead of the non-existent connection to existing printers (for printing photos or even documents) in iPad2, the next version should (must?) have the facility to connect to existing printers, and preferably via Wifi AND cable. Why should buying a new device mean investing in a whole new printing system, which for iPad2 meant buying an Air Print printer? Aagghhh

  11. The ability to use it as a normal phone would be great. Plug in a headset or simply bluetooth. I always have my iPad 2 3G with me so I can contact people. But the added bonus of being able to ring someone would make me upgrade to the next apple iPad/mini.

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