Apple MacBook Pro: what Which? members think

Apple MacBook Pro

One of the most commented on laptop reviews on the Which? website is the Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch, so we decided to take a closer look at what those that own one are saying.

You can read our full Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch review to see what our experts made of its performance, battery life and the quality of the screen, but what do people who have bought one think? Here we look at a selection of the reviews our members have left about the 13-inch MacBook Pro – as with many Apple products, it seems to inspire some strong views and opinions.

iwouldn’tbuyanotherone says: ‘too many bad points for the price’

Too many commonly required menu items hidden away in system preferences, right click or click and hold – I guess hidden interfaces are ok for the mac evangelists who spend their lives hunting down this sort of stuff but I bought a mac as it was supposed to be good. Intermittent (more broken that not) issues with Google maps. Sometimes the audio socket fails to work and requires a rebook/programmable RAM flush. It doesn’t download pics from my camera (my obsolete Dell running Windows XP still gets used for that). Rating: 1 out of 5

But tiptree says: ‘At last, a computer that works as it should!’

Exquisite, almost faultless. I travel extensively and so always buy lightweight laptops. First got a MacBook Pro two years ago; fast, entirely virus-free, fires-up quickly and runs most softare. Flash incompatability is an issue. I’d never go back to PC-based laptops. Rating: 5 out of 5

boyceybabe has some software concerns…

I have owned Mac’s for years but I have found that the quality of the included iLife software has gotten worse compared with 5 years ago. It seems that instead of striving to improve on its products Apple seems more concerned with inventing new things to appeal to new users. Rating: 4 out of 5

Chris321 says his first laptop is ‘fab’ but would like a better manual

I have used Windows desktops for years and haven’t had a laptop before. I do have an iPhone and have been so impressed with it I decided to go with a Macbook pro. I realise they are very expensive but they have a very superior build quality which is obvious when you handle and use it. Is it worth £1000? probably not, but then a £300 laptop that breaks down after 6 months and has no end of problems isn’t worth the money either! And that’s what I’m fed up with. Anyway, the Macbook pro is remarkably good. I’d never used a mac before and it’s very easy and much simpler to use than a windows PC. The mail programme is lovely and easy to use, very intuitive, and so is TextEdit, a very simple basic word processor. My only gripe is, as usual the ‘manual’ is next to useless! Any queries I have had had to be sorted out by the community forum on Apple’s website- but why can’t we have a decent manual? Rating: 5 out of 5

This is just a sample of the reviews and some have been shortened to fit. Click here to leave your own review and read more reviews from Which? members.

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  1. I bought a 13in one a month or so ago with maximum 8GB ram and 750GB HD to replace a still working 10 year old Mac G4 Titanium PowerBook. The only transient difficulty I had was getting used to the current OS, which works very well indeed now I’m used to it. I’ve also installed Parallels 8 with Windows 7 on it as I have a couple of Windows-only programs. All working flawlessly. Even without the Retina display, the graphics are excellent. Having helped a friend start on a PC laptop (HP) with Windows 8 on it and both of us really struggling, I’ll stick with Macs. But some of Apple’s pre-installed iLife apps could probably do with a bit of re-invigorating, though these do quite well at what they do. A bit expensive, maybe, but the build is at the luxury end of the market.

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