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Katie started at Which? in the Home, Health and Environment team, and has since moved to the Technology team to take the lead role in Tech investigations.

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iBeacon – are you being watched?

by Apple Privacy Smartphones Tablets 19/08/2014 What's your opinion?
Could iBeacons change the way you shop?

In-store tracking could mean big business for retailers - and change your shopping habits without you knowing. Read more about iBeacons and location-based tracking

Helpdesk Challenge – how to use Skype

by Computing Helpdesk 19/07/2014 What's your opinion?

Like the sound of talking face-to-face from miles away, all for free? We show you how to install and use Skype. Follow our step by step guide to using Skype

What do Which? members think of compact system cameras?

by Cameras 24/04/2012 1 comment
What do Which members think of compact system cameras

You can pay about £1,000 for a digital SLR or compact system camera with a touchscreen, but some of the top performers in our lab tests are around a fifth of the price. Read owners' views of DSLR cameras

How to save money when buying a cordless phone

by Phones 16/04/2012 3 comments
Cordless Phone

In a mobile age, you might feel you don't need a cordless phone at all - and the 15% of mobile-only homes would probably agree. But if you want and need one, what are the features you can live without to save money? Read more about about cordless phones