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Starting at Which? in 2006 as a researcher for home products then moving into technology, an array of large and small products have passed through Katie's hands – and been taken apart given the chance. Current specialist subjects include printers and ink. Aside from writing test reviews she knows her way around the standards and directives affecting the design, manufacture and labelling of products and is involved in policy work around digital inclusion.

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Will using cheap ink leave you with fading photos?

by Printers 31/07/2013 What's your opinion?
printer ink fade

If you print your photos at home to put them in photo frames, you don't want your loved ones fading away on your wall. So we've tested third-party printer ink to see if it can give you cheap prints that last. Read more about ink fading

Cheap ink – we test whether it delivers great prints

by Printers 24/07/2013 5 comments
Prints with alternative ink

Printer ink from the same brand as your printer is pricier than vintage champagne. The right cheap ink from a different brand to your printer could save you 90% on the cost of your prints, but are the prints any good? Read more about cheap printer ink

First Look: Pure Evoke D2 – the Evoke DAB radio goes mini

by DAB Radios 19/06/2013 What's your opinion?
Pure Evoke D2

The Pure Evoke range of DAB radios now have a new sibling in the form of the compact Pure Evoke D2 digital/FM radio. (more…)

Do you really need a tablet?

by Laptops News Tablets 13/06/2013 3 comments
do I need a tablet. feat

If you're struggling to justify spending upwards of £200 on a tablet when you've already got a laptop and a smartphone, struggle no longer. Tablets have their place. Read more about laptops vs tablets vs smartphones

First Look: Sony Vaio Pro 13 & Duo 13 ultrabooks

by Laptops News 06/06/2013 2 comments
sony Vaio Pro 13 550x320 bright

Sony unveils it's Vaio laptop range for summer 2013 including the incredibly light Vaio Pro 13 and tablet/laptop hybrid Vaio Duo 13. Read on for our first look at the new Sony Vaio latops

Why is printer ink more expensive than vintage champagne?

by News Printers 25/05/2013 4 comments
printer ink champagne lead image

Printer ink is expensive – so much so that measure for measure it costs more than vintage champagne. Don't believe us? Take a look at our infographic. Read more about the high price of printer ink

How to print 100 more pages by changing fonts

by Printers 17/03/2013 What's your opinion?
Change font save ink

Printer ink is expensive, so you want to get as many prints as you can for your money. Using a more frugal font will help you do just that. Read more about frugal fonts

How to save money on printer ink

by Printers 14/03/2013 4 comments
Save money on printer ink

If you feel like you're forever buying new ink cartridges, or you're the type to ration the household printing, we've got a few tips to help you spend less on ink. Read on for more on how to save on printer ink

Windows 8 laptop battery life – how does it measure up?

by Laptops 05/03/2013 8 comments
Windows 8 Battery life

If you're buying a Windows 8 laptop for use on the move, it'll need to pack plenty of power. But what about its battery life? We investigate how much juice you can expect to get from a Windows 8 laptop? (more…)

Which? tests uncover shocking printer ink waste

by Printers 24/01/2013 3 comments
PrinterInk Waste

Could your printer be wasting expensive ink that never reaches the page? We've tested the latest printers to find out just how much ink they waste if you only print occasionally. Read more about printer ink waste