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Lewis is a Senior Researcher in the Which? Technology team and currently looks after the audio, PVR and set top box tests. He joined Which? in January 2010 and has covered a wide range of consumer products, from headphones and sound bars to laptops and electric cars.

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Can Amazon save wearable technology?

by Wearables 16/07/2014 What's your opinion?
Amazon wearable tech

Online retailer Amazon has launched a new section on its website dedicated to wearable technology. Read on for a closer look at some of the products being ushered into the limelight

Internet TV devices – what can they stream?

by Internet TV 01/07/2014 1 comment
Streaming-devices (2)

We compare TV and film streaming services on internet TV devices from Apple, Google, Roku and Sky to help you decide which is best for you. Find out more about online video streaming

New tech we want in the UK – from PS Vita TV to iTunes Radio [Updated]

by Apps 11/06/2014 4 comments
PS Vita TV

With new technology products and services launching in the UK all year round it's easy to assume we have all we could ever need, but there are still some things we're missing out on. Read on as we take a look at five of our most wanted

Father’s Day – best tech gift guide

by Audio Internet TV 09/06/2014 2 comments
Father's Day tech gifts

With Father's Day just around the corner, we take a look at some of the best tech gifts your dad could ask for. From £10 TV streaming gadgets to £200 noise-cancelling headphones. Read more on the best tech gifts for Father's Day

How to stream TV without an internet TV device

by TV Services 01/06/2014 What's your opinion?
Stream TV

We take a look at how you can stream TV shows and films, from services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer, to your TV without having to buy a dedicated internet TV device. Read more on how to stream TV without an internet TV device

Five ways to watch Sky TV without a Sky subscription [updated]

by TV Services 26/05/2014 62 comments
Get Sky TV

Sky TV is one of the biggest pay-TV providers in the UK, but did you know that you can access a number of its exclusive channels without a Sky TV subscription? Read on to find out more

YouView boxes – five of the best

by PVRs 14/05/2014 What's your opinion?

YouView boxes combine Freeview channels with catch-up TV from the likes of BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD. They can also be used to record hours of TV footage, so you'll never need to miss your favourite show again. Read more about YouView PVRs

Wireless speakers – which type is best for you?

by Audio 07/05/2014 4 comments
Wireless speaker

We explain how you can turn an old speaker into a wireless one for as little as £30, or what to look for in a brand new wireless Airplay or Bluetooth speaker. Read more about the types of wireless speakers

Helpdesk Challenge – speed up your PC or laptop

by Computing Helpdesk 25/04/2014 6 comments
Speed up PC

Tired of waiting around for your PC to load? Follow these simple steps to speed up your computer with the help of some additional hardware. Read more on how to speed up your PC

Slingbox 350 – watch your TV anywhere

by Internet TV 22/04/2014 1 comment
Slingbox 350

The Slingbox 350 lets you stream your home TV channels to any device connected to the internet, anywhere in the world. We take a look at three of its key features. Read more about the Slingbox 350