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Rory joined Which? in August 2011 and is the deputy technology and cars editor. As someone who has flown with multiple chickens dancing around his feet, tangled with Belarusian bureaucracy and called both the sweaty streets of Hong Kong and windswept tundras of Warsaw home, Rory has long been on the frontline of travel journalism. He has authored and edited guidebooks with Zagat, Moon and National Geographic and contributed to a number of international newspapers and magazines. He also worked as an online digital specialist with

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Mobile phones celebrate their 40th birthday: our first review

by Phones 03/04/2013 7 comments
Mobile phone 40th birthday

As the mobile phone breaks out the champagne to celebrate 40 years in business we look back at what the first phones looked like, how they've changed down the years and what Which? had to say when we published our first reviews. Read on for more about the birth of the mobile phone

Is the iPad mini really as light as a pad of paper?

by Apple Tablets 25/10/2012 7 comments
iPad Mini weight

The weight of the iPad mini, or lack thereof, is being pitched as one of its key selling points. Apple claimed it's as light as a pad of paper. Is that true? We weigh the iPad mini against a pad of paper, other everyday items and its rivals. See our infographic on how much the iPad Mini really weighs

iPad mini and iPad 4th gen live Q&A – watch the video

by Tablets 25/10/2012 20 comments
iPad mini Live

Got a question about the new iPad mini or the 4th generation iPad? On launch day, 2 November, at 4pm, we'll be streaming live video as we open the box on both products and answer your questions live. Join our Q&A

Win an iPhone 5

by News Smartphones 21/09/2012 12 comments
iPhone 5 competition

You could win a new iPhone 5 by entering our simple competition. Find out how to enter our competition

iPhone 5 live video Q&A – we answer your iPhone 5 questions

by Apple News Phones 20/09/2012 36 comments
iPhone 5

Got a question about the new iPhone? We've got our hands on Apple's much hyped iPhone 5 and on Friday, September 21 at 4pm we'll be streaming live video as we open the box and see how it performs. We'll also be on hand to answer your questions about the phone live. Join our Q&A

UK vs US – do we really pay more?

by News 04/07/2012 20 comments
Dollar vs Pound

Not only do we have to watch with envy as the newest tech products hit the shelves in the States weeks or even months before they arrive on our shores but there is a suspicion that our patience is rewarded with higher prices. But do tech products in the UK really cost more than in the US?

What are the UK’s most popular gadgets?

by News 24/05/2012 8 comments
Tech product ownership in the UK

We reveal the results of our survey into tech ownership in the UK: have ebooks really killed off the paperback? are we all walking around with three mobile phones in our pocket? Find out in the results of our tech ownership survey

Google Drive to launch – 5GB of free storage

by News 17/04/2012 2 comments
Google Drive

With cloud storage becoming ever more popular it was only a matter of time before Google opened its own virtual filing cabinet. Reports suggest the company will launch Google Drive as early as next week. Read more about Google Drive

Top five weird and stupid tech ideas

by News 10/04/2012 2 comments
Nokia tattoo_2

Alongside the revolutionary, life-changing product improvements we see patented every year, tech companies also come up with some weird, strange and utterly useless ones. We’ve picked five of our 'favourites'. See our top five pointless tech patents

Kobo ereader – tech hot deal – get reading for less than £50

by Ebook Readers 30/03/2012 3 comments

If you’ve always been tempted to bag yourself an ereader - thus freeing yourself from the world of Metro showbiz stories on your morning commute - this heavily reduced deal for a cheap Kobo wireless ereader is the perfect excuse. Find out more about the Kobo ereader hot deal