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Cheap TomTom deal – don’t get lost with our tech hot deal

by Sat Navs 04/05/2012 2 comments
Tomtom - red hot deal

Always wanted to throw away those pesky maps and buy a sat nav? Here's your chance to take the stress out of driving with a great deal on a high-end TomTom. Read more about how to get the best TomTom deal

Cheap Panasonic Lumix G2 – save £127 in our tech hot deal

by Cameras 26/04/2012 1 comment
Panasonic Lumix G2 - Red Hot Deal

On the back of our recent blog on what Which? members think of compact system cameras, we wanted to let you know about a £127 saving on the Panasonic Lumix G2 - one of the most popular compact system cameras around. Read more about how to get a cheap Panasonic Lumix G2

Cheap Samsung Galaxy Note – save over £150 on our tech hot deal

by Phones Samsung 20/04/2012 What's your opinion?
Samsung Galaxy - Red Hot Deal

The Phablet has landed. Samsung launched the first mobile phone and tablet combo in November last year and now other tech manufacturers are looking to hack into this all-in-one market. Read more about how to get a cheap Samsung Galaxy Note

Cheap iPad – tech hot deal

by Tablets 13/04/2012 1 comment
Cheap iPad

Back in February we told you to wait a few more weeks to see significant reductions in the price of an iPad 2. We thought it was only right to update you and let you know about the cheapest iPad 2 we've seen to date. Read more about how to get a cheap iPad