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From chromebooks and convertibles to desktop Dells and high priced Macbooks we’ve got first looks of all the latest laptops as well as top fives and head to heads. You’ll also find snippets from our laptop reliability survey and top tips from our helpdesk on how to get more from your computer.

Chromebooks – five advanced tip and tricks

by Chromebooks 12/09/2014 What's your opinion?

So, you own a Chromebook. But do you know how to use it like one of the experts? Read on for our tips to help you get more out of your Chromebook

No more Sony Vaio laptops – will you miss them?

by Laptops 28/08/2014 15 comments
Sony Viao

Sony, the one-time strongman of the electronics world, has announced that profits are so bad it'll be selling off its Vaio laptop division. Have you owned a Sony Vaio laptop, and will you miss the Sony badge in the laptop world? Read on for our Sony Vaio laptops tribute

Carphone Warehouse – do the Geeks provide good laptop repairs?

by Laptops 07/08/2014 What's your opinion?

If your laptop refuses to boot, withholding valuable documents, photos and emails, your only option may be to take it to a repair service. But how reliable are high street laptop repair services like Carphone Warehouse's Geek Squad? Read more about the Carphone Warehouse laptop repair service

MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro Retina – which should I buy?

by Laptops 30/07/2014 1 comment
MacBook Pro

Apple has updated its range of MacBook Pro Retina laptops, with an increase in processor and memory, but no price hike. Find out whether we think the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Retina offers the best value

MacBook repairs – do Apple’s Geniuses provide good laptop repairs?

by Apple Laptops 30/07/2014 13 comments

MacBooks aren't cheap, so if yours goes wrong it's likely you'll try a repair before ditching it for a new model. But will the experts behind Apple's Genius Bar provide a good fix for a good price? Read our laptop repairs investigation to find out

What to do before you sell your laptop

by Laptops 29/07/2014 1 comment
Selling your laptop

Before you sell your laptop it's essential to wipe it of all personal information, such as bank details, passwords and files. Read on to find out how to backup your PC before formatting it completely

How to save money on a new PC

by Laptops 28/07/2014 4 comments
Save money on your next computer

Are you looking for new PC that won't break the bank? Then read on for our top tips that could save you over £300 on your next computer. Read more about how to save money on your next PC

Currys and PC World laptop repairs – do they have the Knowhow?

by Laptops 24/07/2014 8 comments
Currys and PC World laptop repairs

Does Currys and PC World's Knowhow service offer consistent, good value service? Read more about how we went undercover to find out

Do laptop repair services need fixing?

by Laptops 24/07/2014 9 comments

We've all been faced with a laptop that's stubbornly refusing to boot up. You could take it for repair, but maybe you could fix it yourself. Read on to find out the pitfalls of using a laptop repair service, as well as our tips for fixing common problems

UK vs US pricing – do we pay too much?

by Laptops 21/07/2014 18 comments

Short of moving to the US, is there a way to get round the UK's higher tech prices? Read more about UK vs US prices