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From chromebooks and convertibles to desktop Dells and high priced Macbooks we’ve got first looks of all the latest laptops as well as top fives and head to heads. You’ll also find snippets from our laptop reliability survey and top tips from our helpdesk on how to get more from your computer.

UK vs US pricing – do we pay too much?

by Laptops 21/07/2014 3 comments

Short of moving to the US, is there a way to get round the UK's higher tech prices? Read more about UK vs US prices

Mac OS X Yosemite – first look five key features

by Laptops 03/06/2014 What's your opinion?

What's changed? As Apple releases OS X Yosemite we look at the iOS inspired overhaul and its key features. Read more on Yosemite OS X

Can I use my Chromebook offline & other questions [updated]

by Laptops 25/05/2014 24 comments
Can I use my Google Chromebook offline

We answer a host of Google Chromebook-related questions including: can I use my Chromebook offline and is it compatible with Microsoft Office? Read on for more essential Chromebook FAQs

Helpdesk Challenge – how to keep your laptop cool

by Computing Helpdesk Laptops 24/05/2014 8 comments
Overheating laptop

A build-up of heat can be harmful to your laptop and make it uncomfortable to use. Find out how to keep its temperature down, and keep your laptop at peak performance for longer

Helpdesk Challenge – how to buy a new laptop battery

by Laptops 16/05/2014 1 comment
Laptop battery life

Does your laptop die if it's not chained to the plug socket? Here's everything you need to know about buying a new laptop battery and giving your laptop a new lease of life. Read on for more on how to buy a new battery for your laptop

Easy to use products – tablets, laptops, TVs and more

by Laptops Tablets TVs 10/05/2014 What's your opinion?
Easy to use products

If you’re finding tasks a bit trickier these days, we've put together lists of easy to use products, including TVs, laptops and tablets. Plus, we reveal the great accessibility features that you should know about. Find out more about easy to use products

MacBook Air gets price drop

by Laptops 01/05/2014 4 comments
Apple Macbook Air

Apple has updated its MacBook Air line-up and discounted prices by around £100. Is that enough to tempt you to move from a Windows PC to an Apple laptop?

Mac software – top free apps for your Macbook

by Apple Apps Laptops PCs 28/04/2014 3 comments

Apple's OS X Mavericks brought a fresh design and new features, while still remaining easy to use. But did you know that Mavericks gets new (and free) apps every day? Read on for our round-up of the most essential Macbook apps

Windows XP support ends today – how to protect your PC

by Laptops PCs Windows 8 08/04/2014 83 comments

Support for Windows XP ends today. With no more automatic security updates, this leaves XP users in need of an upgrade, but what's the best option? Read on for our guide to upgrading Windows XP

Helpdesk Challenge – how to upgrade from Windows XP

by Laptops 04/04/2014 1 comment
Windows XP upgrade cartoon

Following Microsoft's decision to end support for Window XP, owners of Windows XP PCs should upgrade in order to stay safe online. Read on for our step-by-step guide to installing Windows 7 or 8