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From chromebooks and convertibles to desktop Dells and high priced Macbooks we’ve got first looks of all the latest laptops as well as top fives and head to heads. You’ll also find snippets from our laptop reliability survey and top tips from our helpdesk on how to get more from your computer.

Google vs Google – how Google Inbox is taking on Gmail

by Apps Laptops 07/12/2014 What's your opinion?
Google Inbox logo

It's Google versus Google: will Inbox woo you away from Gmail? Read on to find out what Google Inbox is and how to get an invite

Helpdesk Challenge – how to keep your webcam secure

by Apps Computing Helpdesk Laptops PCs Security software 05/12/2014 2 comments
Webcam security

The security of webcam footage has come in to question again recently, and it's even more important to ensure you are protected. Read on for our tips on securing your webcam

How long will your laptop last? We can tell you

by Laptops 03/12/2014 10 comments
Laptop reliability

If you're in the market for a new laptop then it's well worth knowing how the major brands fare for reliability. Read on to find out which laptop brands are most (and least) likely to develop a fault

Best Android Apps on Chrome OS

by Apps Chromebooks Laptops 21/11/2014 What's your opinion?

Android apps are coming to Chrome OS and we've picked the five best Android apps that have been ported across. Read on as we highlight our favourite apps

10 years of Firefox – how the browser raised the bar

by Laptops 09/11/2014 2 comments
Firefox logo

As the Firefox internet browser celebrates its 10th birthday, we round up some of the features that let it take on the might of Microsoft, Apple and Google. Find out more about a decade of Firefox

HP Sprout – the ‘immersive’ future of home computing?

by Laptops PCs 30/10/2014 What's your opinion?
HP Sprout

It might seem a bit early to be thinking about sprouts, but if you're ready to ditch your keyboard and mouse then HP's 'immersive PC' is worth looking at. Read on for the key features and price of the HP Sprout

iMac with Retina 5K display – first look preview, release date and price

by Apple Laptops 16/10/2014 What's your opinion?
iMac with Retina display

Apple has announced a brand new iMac all-in-one, with a 5K Retina screen and Mac OS X Yosemite out of the box. Read on for the new iMac's key features, price and release date

Why Samsung is pulling laptop supply in Europe

by Laptops 07/10/2014 4 comments
Samsung ATIV Book 9

With Samsung following Sony and Toshiba out of the EU laptop industry, are the laptop's days numbered? Read more about the future of portable computing

Best cheap laptops for under £500 [updated]

by Laptops 02/10/2014 55 comments

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a decent laptop. Here we round up our pick of the best cheap laptops. Read more about the best cheap laptops

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – is it really as good as a laptop?

by Laptops Tablets 02/10/2014 6 comments
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

If the adverts are to be believed, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 combines the best of a tablet with the best of a laptop. We took a closer look to find out whether this claim can be believed. Read on to see if the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is really as good as a laptop