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All the latest phone related news, features and first looks. Below you’ll find comprehensive coverage of the newest launches from Apple, Samsung and the other brands that matter, essential buying advice and the latest analysis from our test labs on battery life, storage space and more.

What’s next for the Google Nexus series?

by Phones Tablets 28/08/2014 What's your opinion?

We take a look at the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7's likely successors, and when they'll be arriving in UK stores. Read more about the Nexus X and Nexus 9

The iPhone 5c is finally a good deal – here’s why

by Apple Phones 15/08/2014 8 comments
iPhone 5c tariffs

When the iPhone 5c was first unveiled by Apple, Which? Technology researcher, Rob Leedham, thought it was poor value for money. Now he's changed his mind. Read on to find out why things are looking up for the iPhone 5c

Does Aldi’s cheap smartphone really offer good value?

by Phones 13/08/2014 2 comments
Aldi medion smartphone

The Aldi Medion smartphone might be cheap, but is it a bargain? We look at its key features and compare it to similar priced mobile phones. Find out how the Aldi mobile measures up

Samsung Galaxy Alpha – first look, price and release date

by Phones 13/08/2014 2 comments
Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Alpha smartphone with a metallic case like that of the iPhone 5s. Read on as we detail its key features, release date and price

Can I get my mobile phone unlocked?

by Phones 05/08/2014 7 comments
Locked phone

Switching mobile phone providers in the UK is not always straightforward, with the phone you thought you owned often locked to just one network. Find out how to unlock your phone for better deals

The best camera phones – top five [Update]

by Phones 20/07/2014 31 comments

With mobile phone cameras starting to rival dedicated cameras for image quality, we take a look at five of the best camera phones. Read more about the best camera phones out now

Does the power saving mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5 work?

by Phones 14/07/2014 14 comments
Phone-batteries_blog1 (1)

Uncharged phones are banned on flights between the UK and US. But can the battery saving mode on some handsets keep your battery going a little longer? Find out how the Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC M8 performed in our test

iPhone 6 – what we want from Apple’s upcoming phone

by Phones 05/07/2014 12 comments
What we want from the iPhone 6

As the announcement of the iPhone 6 approaches we list the key features that really matter for Apple’s upcoming phone. Read on we reveal our iPhone 6 wish list

Six ways tech can stop nuisance calls

by Phones 23/06/2014 24 comments
Nuisance calls

Inundated with nuisance calls? We reveal six ways to stop cold callers via your phone, service provider or a call blocker. Read on to find out how to block most unsolicited calls permanently

Best protective iPhone 5s cases [video]

by Phones 21/06/2014 What's your opinion?
Best iPhone Case

We look at five of the best protective cases built to keep your iPhone 5s free from wear and tear. Find out how cases from the likes of Moshi, OtterBox and Speck compare