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All the latest tablet related news, features and first looks. Below you’ll find comprehensive coverage of the newest launches from Apple, Google and the other brands that matter, head to heads and round ups and unique research and investigations into battery life, storage space and more.

Helpdesk Challenge – how to tether your tablet to wi-fi

by Tablets 26/07/2014 What's your opinion?

Find out how tether an iPad or Android tablet to your mobile phone, so you can access the internet without a wi-fi connection. Read more about how to tether your tablet

Android L vs iOS8 – who is borrowing from who?

by Apple Apps Smartphones Smartwatches Tablets 15/07/2014 4 comments

Both Google and Apple lay claim to plenty of 'firsts' when it comes to Android and iOS.  But as the operating systems become more similar we look at who has been 'borrowing' features from who. Read on to find out what's different and who did what first.

Buying a tablet stylus – is it worth it?

by Tablets 07/07/2014 What's your opinion?
Tablet stylus

Touchscreen smartphones and tablets are here to stay, but is your finger the best way to interact with them? We look at the different ways a stylus can provide a better way to use your tablet. Read on for reasons why we recommend a stylus

Samsung Galaxy Tab S vs Apple iPad Air

by Tablets 20/06/2014 26 comments
Samsung Galaxy Tab S vs Apple iPad Air

Apple is still the envy of everyone else in the tablet industry, but can the Samsung Galaxy Tab S  steal the iPad’s thunder? Read more on the Samsung Galaxy tab S vs the iPad Air

Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets with AMOLED screen [video]

by Tablets 13/06/2014 5 comments
Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung has announced a new range of tablets - the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and 10.5 - taking the fight to the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2. Is this Android an Apple killer?

How to download and apply the Tesco Hudl screen fix [video]

by Tablets 29/05/2014 15 comments
Tesco Hudl_screen fix

For many Tesco Hudl owners a frozen screen has become a recurring problem. But we have good news. Here we show you how to download and apply the official fix to thaw your screen for good. Find out more about the Tesco Hudl screen fix

EE Eagle – is this £199 4G tablet a good deal?

by Tablets 22/05/2014 5 comments

You don't have to spend big on a 4G tablet. That's the pitch behind the £199 EE Eagle, but is it a tablet worth buying? We take a first look at this budget device. Read on for our EE Eagle first look

Why you shouldn’t buy the Binatone Homesurf 742

by Tablets 21/05/2014 What's your opinion?
tab (1)

The Binatone Homesurf 742 made plenty of headlines earlier this month - mostly thanks to its eye catching £47 price tag. But our lab tests have shown it to be one of the worst tablets we've ever tested. Read more about the Binatone Homesurf 742

Microsoft announces laptop like Surface Pro 3 tablet

by Tablets 20/05/2014 2 comments
Surface Pro 3 tablet

Microsoft has launched the Surface Pro 3 but is this flagship tablet good enough to turn heads away from Android or Apple? Find out more about the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Spot the difference – the Samsung tablet range explained

by Tablets 15/05/2014 2 comments
Samsung Galaxy Tablets

The Samsung Galaxy tablet family is growing at a rapid rate, so if you don't know your Tab from your Note Pro, read on for our quick and easy guide to the Samsung's tablet family tree. Read on for more on the Samsung Galaxy tablets