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Watching TV in 4K – why it will be worth the wait

by TVs 25/07/2014 1 comment
World Cup 4K

We've seen a live TV broadcast of 4K Ultra HD and there's every reason to get excited - although it's still unclear when these super-sharp TV pictures will make it to your home. Read more about 4K TV across the UK

What is

by Apps Internet TV TV Services TVs 09/07/2014 What's your opinion?
shutterstock_171205970 (1) brought its mix of Netflix-esque subscription and Blinkbox-like video-on-demand streaming service to the UK in 2013. What’s it like a year later? Find out how it compares with Netflix and Sky’s Now TV

4K TV coming as new broadcasting standard is agreed

by TVs 08/07/2014 What's your opinion?

4K TV enthusiasts took one step closer towards enjoying live TV in the higher picture quality at the weekend, after a 4K TV standard was approved. Read on to find out out about the new 4K broadcasting standard

Plasma TV facing extinction after Samsung exit

by TVs 04/07/2014 What's your opinion?
Plasma TV Tech Time Tunnel

Samsung follows Panasonic in announcing its withdrawal from plasma TV production, leaving the technology beloved by TV buffs on the brink of extinction. Read on as we evaluate the impending extinction of plasma TV

How long will your TV last? We can tell you

by TVs 04/07/2014 19 comments

Our survey of nearly 7,000 TV owners tells us when TVs are likely to develop a fault, and which brands are the best and worst. Read on to find out which brand of TV was worst

Where 4K is working (and where it isn’t)

by TVs 02/07/2014 What's your opinion?
4K state of play

Take a walk through Dixons or Currys and you'll see a huge amount of products parading their 4K Ultra HD capabilities but is this new technology essential right now? Read on as our experts explain where 4K is working, and where it isn't

World Cup 2014 – how to enjoy the action wherever you are

by TVs 14/06/2014 What's your opinion?

With a feast of World Cup 2014 football just days away, Which? Best Buy devices can help you beat the time difference and never miss a kick. Find out more about the best ways to view the World Cup

John Lewis TV bids to avoid own-brand TV curse

by TVs 23/05/2014 5 comments

Own brand TVs from retailers have traditionally been bargain bin rubbish. John Lewis hopes its premium JL9000 smart TV can buck the trend. Find out more about the John Lewis smart TV

When smart TV app support vanishes, what next?

by TVs 23/05/2014 7 comments
Smart TV app support

You might spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a smart TV, but what happens if the smart TV apps you watch, like iPlayer and Netflix suddenly disappear? Read more about the Smart TV app generation gap

Curved TVs – are they worth your money?

by TVs 20/05/2014 3 comments
Samsung H8000 curved TV

A new generation of curved TVs has hit the market, including the Samsung H8000 HD TV series – but should you be interested? Read more about Samsung curved TVs