LG Z330 and Z430 first look – new Super Ultrabook Series

LG Ultrabook

LG isn’t known for its laptops in the UK, but things could change with its launch of a new Super Ultrabook Series at CES 2012 – one of many thin and light laptops unveiled at CES 2012.

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LG Super Ultrabook Series first look video

LG Super Ultrabook Series – what are they?

LG's Super Ultrabook Series - the Z330 and Z430

There are two models in the range – the 13-inch Z330 and the 14-inch Z430. The main difference between the two, apart from the size, is the storage. The Z330 comes with the latest SATA3 solid state drive (SSD) storage, which LG claims is 11 times faster than an ordinary hard drive.

The larger Z430 comes with a SSD, but also has hard disk drive (HDD) storage up to 500GB. This means you have the capacity of the traditional hard drive as well as the faster loading speeds you get with solid state storage.

LG Z330 and Z430 – key features and specs

There’s a thin bezel surrounding the 13.3-inch high definition (HD) screen, which maximises the size of the display on the body. It’s under 15mm think and weighs just 1.21kg, making it one of the lightest ultrabooks we’ve seen at CES 2012.

The Z330 comes with a choice of Intel’s second generation Core i3, i5 or i7 processors and claims a fast 10 second boot from off, or just two seconds from stand-by. It uses Intel’s HD3000 graphics card and has all the connections you’d expect including USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and HDMI ports.

The main differences on the larger model are you can only choose between Intel’s Core i5 and 7 processors on the 14-inch ultrabook. As you’d expect it’s heavier at 1.5kg, but its still fairly light for a model of this size and it’s under 20mm thick. The HDD storage goes up to 500GB depending on the exact model and the optional SSD comes in 16GB and 128GB capacities.

LG Z330 and Z430 – Catherine’s first impressions

These two certainly fit what is fast becoming the standard ultrabook look – 100% aluminium, both give an impression of quality. This initial impression holds up pretty well too. They feel solid but light, though the extra thickness on the 14-inch model is noticeable. The keyboard feels nice to type on, if a little spongy. Just a personal thing but I found the colour of the power button a little off-putting – for some reason LG have made it orange.

It’ll be very interesting to see how LG’s ultrabooks compare to the competition from more established PC manufacturers. The Z330 is already on sale in the US, but both are planned to launch in Spring 2012 in the UK. There’s no word on pricing yet but I’d expect prices on the smaller laptop to start around the £1,000 mark.

In the full review…

These are just our first impression on the LG ultrabooks but we’ll be getting these laptops into our labs as soon as they hit they UK shops. Our experts will give you the definitive verdict on these models – performance, screen and sound quality are just a few of the elements we put to the test. Find out more about how we test laptops.

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