Kobo Wireless,Touch and Vox ebook readers [Round-up video]

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Kobo is a fairly new name in the ebook reader market in the UK and has certainly gone some way to making its mark already. We’ve put its three ebook readers through their paces in our tests and take a closer look at each of them in our round-up video. The cheapest model is the Kobo Wireless at £69.99, the Kobo Touch – unsurprisingly with touchscreen – at £99.99 and its top of the range, tablet-esque, full-colour Kobo Vox at £169.99.

No doubt ebook readers will continue to be popular, so don’t risk buying the wrong one. We put all ebook readers through the extensive testing you’d expect from Which?. Our experts assess each product for ease of use as well as technical tests for screen quality and more. Find out more about how we test ebook readers.

Kobo ebook readers round-up video

Kobo ebook readers test results

To see the full test results for each model click on the links below:

Kobo Wireless ebook reader full review

Kobo Touch ebook reader full review

Kobo Vox ebook reader full review

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