Listen to our tech podcast: Orange price hike and Tivo vs Sky+


It seems Orange locked its money men in a basement this month and challenged them with finding some way to squeeze more money from customers. Well it’s champagne and jam tarts at Orange Towers because they’ve been successful.

Orange is using the small print in their terms and conditions to announce a price hike of 4.34%%, not only for new customers but existing customers as well. We’ve been over their contract with a magnifying glass and our team share their findings.

We’re also giving our spin on the great Virgin Tivo vs Sky + box debate. What does each service offer and how do Which? members who use the services rate them.

In news, we debate a report released this week that claims we are raising a generation of ‘digital illiterates’ and rumours that suggest the Kinect 2 will be able to understand your emotions. Listen to the tech podcast now.

Think 4.34% is a fuss over nothing? Cable TV a waste of time? You can still hear our team of geeks give their two pence worth on a host of other subjects by subscribing to the Which Tech Podcast on iTunes – for free – where you’ll find the whole back catalogue.

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