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PS Vita

The PS Vita – Sony’s handheld console – launched amidst much fanfare last week and is the latest must-have device for gamers. Yet, despite being just a few days old, we have found up to £30 difference in its selling price.

The PS Vita is Sony’s first handheld games console since the release of its PSP more than five years ago and is a far more advanced device.

PS Vita vs the smartphone

Launched amid increased competition from smartphones and tablets for gamer’s precious pounds, Sony hopes the device will appeal to users who want to play high-end, cutting-edge games. But is it worth the money?

Commentators have been ringing the last bell on handheld games consoles for years now, claiming the ability of smartphones to run games means people aren’t willing to splash out on a dedicated mobile gaming device.

Well, as any gamer who has played Angry Birds will tell you, while it’s fun to pitch birds across the screen for a few minutes, it’s not comparable to a fully-fledged console game.

PS Vita specifications

The PS Vita is a first-class gaming device stacked with the hardware to play blockbuster games.

Time was when handheld games devices– anyone remember the Game Boy? – were the poor relation to their console big brothers, but the Vita’s quad-core processor, quad-core graphics processor and OLED screen make this a rival not a relation to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

As well as the capacitive touchscreen common to smartphones, the Vita also features a pair of analogue stick controllers that will be familiar to console users.

PS Vita problems

It’s not all plain sailing. We’ve had our hands on the Vita at Which? and there are a few problems. In our First Look PS Vita review – with video – you can find out about the lack of compatibility with other Sony devices and just how much battery life the Vita delivers.

And if you’re expecting to hook the Vita up to your TV, we also reveal why you’ll be disappointed.

PS Vita deal

The PS Vita has been on sale for just over a week but if you’re looking to buy, you will find some significant differences in price.

The original RRP for the wi-fi version of the console is £230, but most retailers – such as GAME – have already dropped the price tag to £219. However the Vita is now available even cheaper. Asda has the PS Vita for £197 with free home delivery and has now matched them with the same price.

It’s worth keeping in mind that you also need to cough up for a memory card to really make the most of the Vita, and the bundles offered by Amazon are better value than those at Asda.

Spotted the PS Vita for less elsewhere, or spotted another great bargain games console? Email or leave a comment below and we’ll update the page.

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