Why Samsung is our Best Computing Brand 2013

Why Samsung is our Best Computing Brand 2013

Samsung has triumphed over Apple and Google to win the Best Computing Brand gong at the Which? Awards 2013. It’s the third year in a row the South Korean manufacturer has been honoured at the annual ceremony, having previously won Best Home Audio-Visual Brand at the Which? Awards in 2011 and 2012.

The Which? Awards champion companies that produce excellent products and services for UK consumers. They’re judged by our own experts following the results of our investigations, surveys and tests, which we use to select a shortlist and overall winner in each category.

The Best Computing Brand award category covers the diverse areas of laptops, PCs, tablets, printers and smartphones. This past year has seen Samsung release products such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Series 3 3530E laptop, receiving widespread acclaim across the technology industry.

Katie Waller, a senior researcher in Which? technology team, says:

‘Samsung has achieved our hallowed Best Buy rating across five computing categories, showing its breadth of quality, and not just for premium-priced products either.’

‘In our laptop testing, Samsung laptops between £400 and £500 performed extremely well, making them laptops well worth considering if you’re shopping on a budget. Samsung also scored extremely well in our annual reliability survey, claiming joint top spot with LG for mobile phone reliability.’

Can the Galaxy S4 keep up Samsung’s success?

Aiming to capitilise on this computing success, Samsung has launched several high profile products this year. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has proved a fierce competitor to Apple’s iPhone 5, selling 10 million units in less than a month following its launch. It’s Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet has also proved tempting to creative types with its stylus and 8-inch touchscreen.

Elsewhere in the closely-fought Best Computing Brand category, both Apple and Google missed out on the hotly contested prize. The iPhone and iPad creator looks set to come back strongly in 2013 however, having recently unveiled its updated range of Macbook Air laptops and redesigned iOS 7 software.

Google is also expected to unveil its new range of Nexus devices this year, running the next version of Android, Key Lime Pie. It will also be hoping its range of cloud-based Chromebook laptops catch on, having unveiled the eye-catching Chromebook Pixel in February.

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3 replies

  1. “Reality Check”

    I bought a wifi-enabled “smart tv” yesterday from the Samsung stable, and so far it’s a bit of a donkey, not that donkeys aren’t honest workers, just that Samsung overstate their breeding credentials.

    I have been through the “first 24 hrs customer experience” and – apart from willing staff, not edifying.

    A tech solutions company with heavily flawed internal communications is something of an oxymoron.

    Answers promised tomorrow!

  2. Whoa – received a return call from Samsung in Egypt today from their technical team. ( Not the original contact as requested ) The representative was polite and of a helpful disposition. However he was only able to confirm that the “smart tv” provides an internet presence as dictated by Samsung and does not provide access to applications desired by the customer. The product is not your intellectual property, you get apps provided however naff. End of. Smart TV for Dumb Buyers.

    The result was being transferred to Gateshead (UK) based “Escalations |Department” courtesy of the self styled Mark W. I again asked why the so called “Smart TV” was so patently unfit for purpose and misdescribed. Could I speak to the sales team responsible? Answer – no you are through to escalations! I will not put you through to any other Samsung employee! Dumbfounded doesn’t cover it. Sole advice was go back to your retailer Samsung do not sell televisions to retail customers. This may well prove prophetic. 0/10 for Samsung U.K.

    Well Samsung it’s not over till it’s over .

  3. Have you looked on the Which Best Buy Reviews for your tv. Their experiences are invaluable. I totally agree with you though that without a proper Users Guide booklet to hand it is almost impossible with ease to successfully install. Also the handset design in looks and use is uncomfortable (compare this to Sky handset). In the dark you can’t feel which way the handset is, causing wrong keys to be pressed and having to start all over again – one of the customer reviewers suggests buying an additional key board to perform the various Samsung tasks.

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