Listen to our tech podcast: broadband throttling and ‘cheap’ TVs

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The Which? tech team gets together to talk broadband throttling, Black Friday deals and why ‘cheap’ supermarket TVs aren’t really the great deal the price tag suggests.

On top of our daily digest of what’s happening in the world of tech – right here on the Which? Daily blog – once a week our team of tech experts are prised away from their smart phones and wheeled away from their keyboards to face off over the tech issues that are impacting consumers in the tech podcast.

This week the spotlight falls on broadband throttling. With ISP’s in the UK named and shamed as the worst in Europe for slowing broadband at peak times, Which? Scientific Policy Advisor, Dr. Rob Reid is in the studio to tell is how it might already be impacting you. We also reveal the results of our research into the true price of cut price supermarket TVs and take a look at some of the Black Friday deals already released. Listen now to the tech podcast.

If you couldn’t give a monkeys about broadband throttling or supermarket TVs, but are interested in hearing what our collection of geeks has to say about other subjects, you can subscribe to the tech podcast – for free – through iTunes and find the full back catalogue. You’ll also find podcasts from our car and money experts.

If there is a topic you’d like to hear in the weekly podcast, drop a comment in the box below.

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