Why Giffgaff is our best telecom services provider 2014

by , Digital Producer Phone networks 19/06/2014

Still relatively unknown, mobile phone provider Giffgaff beat competition from Tesco Mobile and broadband providers Plusnet, Utility Warehouse and Zen Internet to be named our top telecoms provider.

Shortlists and winners are determined by Which? experts, who pore over the results of investigations and surveys to select shortlists and overall winners in each category. Companies can’t put themselves forward for an award, unlike in many other industry awards.

The best telecom service provider award is based on the results of our surveys of broadband and mobile phone network providers. We ask thousands of customers about their provider to find out who is best for customer service, value for money and general service.

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Which? deputy technology editor Rory Boland says

Rory-BolandIt’s always great to see a small company enter the market and shake things up, and that’s exactly what Giffgaff has done.

It doesn’t have any shops, it doesn’t even have a customer service phone line – and that will be a deal-breaker for some people. Instead, if you do have a question, comment or problem, you’ll need to email it in or look through the Giffgaff forum. But what it does have is fantastic value for money.

Originally a pay-as-you-go provider (although they have moved into contract deals), a £12 bundle gives you unlimited UK texts, 250 UK minutes and, best of all, unlimited internet.  As someone who has switched to Giffgaff based on all the positive feedback we have had, I’ve found them an absolute bargain. And, while the unusual way of getting in touch with Giffgaff takes some getting used to, when problems have arisen I’ve had them solved promptly and politely.

Unlock a better mobile deal?

If you’ve switched to a different mobile phone provider, you’ll know that getting your phone unlocked is not always as simple as it should be. Many providers charge, even though you already own the handset, while others don’t let you know that they can unlock your phone, and after you’ve left the company it can be too late. Giffgaff and EE already unlock their handsets for free and we’d like to see other providers follow suit.

We’d also like to see providers make it easier for you to switch to the best deal for you. When your contract ends, your provider should offer you the best deal based on your usage. If, for example, you use around 90 minutes a month, your provider should offer you a deal that includes a 100 minutes, not a more expensive one with 500.

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To the 12 people above with giffgaff problems:
You are not paying attention.
This is a Which site.
Not Whichgaff or giffWhich.
Please turn around and face the other way. Can you see it?
Yes, that’s right. Giffgaff Towers.
They’ll be glad to help. Even you Katrina.
On you go plz (sic)



Well said! I’ve been ignoring those comments, I only still follow the thread to offer my view on changes in pricing, service levels etc

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