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by , Phones 19/07/2011

The team of experts at Which? will be holding a live Q&A on August 24, in which we’ll attempt to answer all your mobile phones related questions.

So if you want to know what is a dual-core processor or which is the best app store, or if you’d simply like some help getting the best phone deal, then don’t forget to tune in at 2pm on August 24.


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i am going to upgrade my phone and was wondering which upgrade is best? am interested in iphone but is there a better android phone around?

i would like to have good cambra memory and easy to text or email.

look forward to talking to you



Tim Gee

Hi Anne,

The iPhone is certainly a very good smartphone and the iPhone 4 did get the highest ever score in our lab tests – although due to the issues with it losing reception when held in a certain way we were unable to make it a Best Buy.

But Android smartphones are definitely catching up, with the recently tested Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation scoring very high scores and being awarded with Which? Mobile Best Buy awards.

Of these three phones the Samsung Galaxy S2 ( got the best scores for its camera.



I find it very difficult to see the screen in strong sunlight, years ago you could read them with no problems. Do any phones use the old system or can be seen in strong sunlight?



I was wondering why the IPhone seems to ‘talk back’ to base every 10 minutes whereas with older phones it was closer to every 25 minutes. Is it because they are more in need of data? I have data roaming switched off. I wish I could adjust this ‘talk back’ as it consumes the battery power!


Tim Gee

Hi Stuart,

It is likely that the iPhone talks back more regularly to get data for features such as push email, as well as identifying which base stations it is close to to help with GPS and navigation.

I agree it can be frustrating when you can’t control things like this to save battery.



My contract is coming to an end. What’s the best way of getting a good deal on a new smartphone? i.e. network retentions, comparison sites, high street retailers, cashback deals etc



Tim Gee

Hi Jamie,

Often you can get a good deal by phoning up your current provider and telling them you are planning on leaving. This will usually get you put through to their retention team and will level the playing field in terms of the deals offered to new customers – but it doesn’t guarantee you the best deal as switching provider is often the cheapest option and best way of getting a new handset free.

As with most things we would encourage you to shop around and see what you might get as a new customer with another provider before phoning up your current network. This will put you in a good position to say no if they can’t match what else is out there.

We would recommend Which? Mobile as a good place to start looking as it can give you a good idea of what is out there for new customers.



I find the vibrate on my phone quite weak, which phones vibrate strongly?

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