Echostar Ultra Slim Freeview+ HD – the thinnest Freeview box ever

by , PVRs 03/05/2012
Echostar Ultra Slim Box

Echostar has announced the Ultra Slim Box, claiming it is the slimmest digital TV recorder ever.

Measuring just 1.4cm thick, the main focus of the device is design, but the HD box also has two DVB-T2 tuners for recording multiple shows at once – as well as internet connectivity to support smart TV features.

It’s got a 500GB hard disk and can record up to 300 hours of standard definition or 125 hours of high definition TV.

Internet connectivity also allows the device to access catch-up TV services such as BBC iPlayer and on-demand services such as BoxOffice365.

Echostar also claims that the box is easy-to-use, although without putting it to the test in our labs we can’t confirm this.

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