Apple iPhone 4S event live

by , Smartphones 28/09/2011
Apple working on text-censoring tech

We’ve since seen the launch of the Apple 4S, but no iPhone 5, although if you want to read our blow by blow coverage of the event just continue reading.

Follow our live coverage of Apple’s unveiling of the newest version of the iPhone and the build up to the event.

We’ve had the official confirmation of the date and time and now excitement is reaching its pinnacle.

Stay tuned with us for live updates in the build up and from the event itself, check out our iPhone 4S rumour round-up and join the debate by answering the question will you be buying the iPhone 4S?

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What would one expect to pay for a 2 year upgrade to the iPhone 5 on an existing Sprint account?



Can’t wait for this. This will be my 1st iPhone. Already sold my nokia to envirofone.


Martyn Hocking

Camera improvements sound good but I can’t imagine ever using the Siri feature. If battery life is actually worse that is v. poor.


Mel Bryant

What’s the very latest, as I bought 64 gb IPad from your report this year. And very pleased, now want to buy newIphone 5 before going on holiday 1st Oct. 2012; any news

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