First Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset leaks

by , Smartphones 23/06/2011

Pictures emerge of the first Nokia-Microsoft phone, making it look at lot like the recently announced N9.

The suspiciously-well-orchestrated-leak from Nokia has given us pictures of a phone that looks almost identical to the N9, but running Windows Phone 7.

Nokia Sea Ray

The Sea Ray – as it is apparently codenamed – also seems to be missing the hardware buttons on the bottom of the phone that previously were a Microsoft requirement for a Windows Phone 7 handset.

Whether this is a handset that will make it to market or just a demo-prototype, we hope it means there will be a Nokia Windows Phone 7 offering hitting the shops as soon as possible.

Check out the video below of Stephen Elop telling us how much he “doesn’t want to see this on the blogosphere”.

Nokia Sea Ray front view

Front view

Nokia Sea Ray front on

With WP7 screensaver

Nokia Sea Ray side view

Side view


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