HTC Sensation XE hands-on video

by , Smartphones 23/09/2011
HTC Sensation  XE

Featuring Beats Audio technology and coming with branded headphones, the HTC Sensation XE is very much a music focused mobile phone.

Featuring software that changes how the phone plays music according to which headphones are plugged in, the Sensation XE attempts to let you hear the music the way the artists intended.

But that’s not all, on top of the music technology, branded headphones and fancy red touches to the exterior – HTC has also upped the processing power, internal storage memory and battery power of the original Best Buy HTC Sensation.

These changes are likely to boost the already impressive smartphone’s score, plus we can’t wait to get the XE into the labs to find out how much better the Beats Audio headphones really are.

In the meantime however, check out our first look mobile phone review of the HTC Sensation XE.

Or, if you can’t wait for the latest model, the original HTC Sensation is available free on mobile phone deals from £21.50 a month.

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is htc one s will have the beats headphones and it will available in india or not?

i know htc one x will have the beats headphones………but not sure about htc one s……..and htc one s is better than the htc one x because of average display size 4.3” and super amoled instead of super lcd………..please reply me

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