RIM previews BlackBerry 10, its new OS

by , Smartphones 01/05/2012
BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry maker RIM has unveiled the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha handset and given the world a quick glimpse of its latest operating system.

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The new operating system looks slick and without a physical keypad in sight it might finally mark the end of the traditional BlackBerry handset.

BlackBerry 10 dev alpha

The handset given to developers by RIM

The handset RIM has shown off – which bears a rather striking resemblence to the Samsung Galaxy S2 – won’t actually go on sale to the public. Instead it has been given out to developers to allow them to make apps for the new operating system before it launches.

This approach suggests RIM is very focused on getting a good selection of apps available by the time the first BlackBerry 10 handset goes on sale.

While getting a few apps ready will help it compete with more established rivals, it has an extremely long way to catch up with the likes of Android and iOS.

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