Samsung Galaxy Europas hit by repeat text message bug

by , Smartphones 20/01/2011
Samsung Europa bug

Some owners of the the Samsung Galaxy Europa have been hit by a bug which repeatedly delivers text messages from the O2 network.

The bug redelivers messages every few minutes and is understandably making affected users rather annoyed.

Samsung has released a new version of its Kies software to update the firmware and it claims this should sort the problem out.

Samsung suggests affected users get the newest version of the software here and then:

• Once installed, run Kies 2.0 (latest version) and connect the handset. Select Kies on the phone when prompted

• The program will automatically pick up the old software version on the handset and option to upgrade, if there is one available. Click ‘Upgrade’  and follow the instructions to upload to your handset

•  To check the software version on your handset, you can key in: *#1234#,

O2 has also suggested this is the best way of sorting the problem, although very kindly they suggest anyone not confident of updating the software themselves should give their customer service line a call or drop into an O2 shop, where the staff will be happy to help.


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Doesnt work, i originally had galaxy on vodaphone, had the same problem of multiple messages from o2, vodaphone and tesco mobile, changed to my o2 sim and still had same problem



software is all updated to current version



I’m with talkmobile and have been getting repeating texts from O2 users for months now – when I connect to Kies 2.0 it says I already have the latest version, but still the same old text messages are coming, which then seems to prevent more recent messages (from the same person) coming though – it’s very frustrating. Can anyone help?



After a replacement SIm which they provided did no good, I took mine back to the local 02 shop and they sent it away to have the software update installed. I had it back in less than a week with no charge (I should hope not).

The problem was solved and the new software uses more colourful displays.

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