Siri security leak spotted

by , Smartphones 20/10/2011

The Siri voice assistant could be the source of a security leak on the new Apple iPhone 4S.

In its default setting, the iPhone 4S gives anyone access to text messaging, email services and calendar functions through Siri – even when the phone is password locked.

You can lock your phone down by going into Settings > General > Password Lock and then selecting the Siri option to off – but otherwise anybody can pick up your phone send a text, send an email or fiddle with your calendar.

This may limit the functionality of Siri in situations such as when you’re driving – we still can’t really come up with any other times that it would be useful – and so it is a bit of a shame to disable it, but otherwise you do leave yourself open to mischief or even worse from anyone who picks up your phone.

Another problem that has arisen from Siri is that if you ask it to call you by a nickname it then changes your address details in the phone without telling you. Then if you send your details out in a vCard it will go out complete with your new nickname – no matter how embarrassing you may have made it.

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You mentioned: “Settings > General > Password Lock”.   It’s ‘Passcode’ – not password.

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