What is bada?

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With Android and iOS battling it out to be the most popular smartphone operating system, the often over-looked bada is steadily impressing more and more people and picking up users.

Samsung Wave 2

The Wave 2 got a Best Buy in our lab tests

Made by Samsung, bada means ocean in Korean and is available on the Wave range of devices. The range is made up of affordable smartphones and has included two Best Buys including the Samsung Wave 2.

Below is a video of Samsung’s bada ‘brand story’ – or though you would be forgiven for thinking it is the opening credits of a kids quiz show.

Bada is similar to both Android and iOS but for different reasons, and it has particularly impressed us for providing a smartphone experience without the all-too-frequent heavy price tag.

Similar to iOS

Like iOS bada is not an open operating system so developers don’t have as much freedom when developing apps or modifying the operating system. This means that there are likely to be less apps and othe perating system doesn’t have the flexibility that  Android offers, but it also means it will be safer from viruses and more stable than the Google Android OS.

Similar to Android

In practice, however, bada looks a lot more like Android than iOS. Many of the functions and menus have a similar feel to them meaning Android users won’t have trouble finding their way around.

Samsung Apps

When it comes to downloading apps bada devices have access to Samsung Apps. There is nowhere near the same level of choice as offered by the Apple App Store or Android Market, but there are still many apps available for bada devices.

Popular games such as Fruit Ninja are now available alongside apps for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, BBC news and lots of others. Plus, the growing popularity of bada is likely to mean more apps are just around the corner.

bada 2.0

Samsung has now announced the launch of the newest iteration of the bada operating system, version 2.0. This will be featured on the upcoming Samsung Wave 3 and adds features such as multi-tasking, support for HTML5 and Flash, as well as improvements to the user experience and security features.

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