What is iOS?


Apple’s iOS is the operating system used in all the versions of the iPhone and the iPad – and the iPod Touch MP3 players. As a full operating system it can run third party applications and makes the iPhone a powerful smartphone.

Unlike Android OS, iOS isn’t available on products outside of Apple’s range so if you want to use it you will have to buy an iPhone.

Apple App Store

The main benefit of having a full operating system – and so a smartphone – is the ability to download apps and give your phone new features. iOS gives iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners access to Apple’s App Store, which features over 500,000 different apps.

It is estimated that 37% of these apps are free and the average price of the remaining apps is £2.24, and with such a variety available you are sure to find something that interests you. Apps can be used to perform tasks, such as help you with train times or manage your bills – and they can also be more fun, by providing you to access to video content, ebooks and games.

iOS 5

There have been various versions of the operating system which is credited with making smartphones mainstream. The latest is 4.3 but Apple have already announced iOS 5 which will be released in the autumn.

This latest version of the operating system is being launched alongside side Apple’s new iCloud service and also will bring new features including a better notification system and a new messenger service – iMessage.

The new iOS 5 operating system will come pre-installed on any new iPhone handsets bought after its launch and shall be available to download to iPhones bought prior to its launch.

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