Windows Phone 7: post-launch video analysis

Windows Phon 7 Post Launch analysis

Now that Windows Phone 7’s rather low-key launch has come and gone, Which?technology experts Ben Stevens and Jon Barrow sat down to chat about Microsoft’s latest foray into the mobile phone space.

Luckily they also brought a camera along, so you can listen in on their analysis of all the handsets running Windows Phone 7, including the HTC Trophy and Samsung Omnia, and whether or not they feel like actually buying one.

Windows Phone 7: post-launch video analysis

For more info on Windows Phone 7 take a look at our first look video of the OS in action, then make sure you check out our first look handsets reviews below.

Windows Phone 7 first look phone reviews


HTC Trophy

HTC Mozart

Samsung Omnia 7

LG Optimus 7

Dell Venue Pro

If that’s still not enough Windows Phone 7 info for you, here’s our news round-up of all the coverage so far.

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  1. Windows Phone 7 revenue figures are a mystery the first week after Microsoft’s smartphone was released. The proof is here: Sales numbers for smartphones are a standard PR opportunity that Microsoft has passed on. Most gadget-makers flood the web with press releases announcing enthusiastic consumer demand. The company’s insufficient PR about Windows Phone 7 sales leads analysts to believe that the product is a dud.

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