Amazon shows off new Kindle Paperwhite with light

by , Tablets 06/09/2012
Amazon Paperwhite

What is the Kindle Paperwhite?

The new Kindle Paperwhite is the latest ebook reader from Amazon. It features a built-in light for reading in the dark, an improved e-ink display and a new feature that estimates how long it will take you to finish reading a book.

According to Amazon the new screen on the Paperwhite has 62% more pixels than the previous Kindle Touch and provides 25% more contrast. It also has upgraded the touchscreen technology to a capacitive type rather than resistive – meaning you won’t have to press down hard on the screen to get a response.

The new in-built light also means you will be able to read in the dark without sacrificing the ability to see the screen in bright sunlight.

If you’re looking for an alternative ebook reader with a built-in light check out our first look review of the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight.

Amazon’s new ‘time to read’ feature is able to predict how long it will take you to finish a book by measuring how long it has taken you to read a certain amount and then extrapolating this over the length of the book. The ability to change the font of content has also been added.

When can I buy it?

The Kindle Paperwhite will go on sale in the UK on October 25th. The regular model will cost £109 and the 3G version will cost £169.

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