How much would you spend on a tablet? [Poll]


Next week will see the launch of the Nexus 7 tablet from Asus and Google. Costing just £159 for the 8GB version, the Nexus 7 looks to set a new standard for affordable tablets.

But are you willing to pay that bit more for an iPad or perhaps even the new Microsoft Surface tablet, which aims to replace a laptop?

For more information read our Nexus 7 first look review.

More than £750 – laptop replacements

While we don’t know for certain how much Microsoft’s Surface tablet will cost, the Pro version is likely to be one of the most expensive tablets we have seen. With a full set of features these tablets are aimed at replacing your laptop and so might not be as expensive as they seem on first glance. For more information read our blog post on the Microsoft’s Surface tablet.

Microsoft Surface tablet

The Surface from Microsoft aims to replace your laptop

£501 – £750 – 3G and lots of storage included

This price bracket includes the top-end iPad’s including 3G connectivity and the largest amount of internal memory. It won’t replace your laptop but offers premium features and will give you access to the internet wherever you are – depending on signal of course. Read our Apple iPad 3 review for an example of what you get for your money.

Apple iPad 3

The most expensive iPad comes with a lot of features including 3G connectivity

£251 – £500 – wi-fi only versions

In this price bracket you’ll find the cheapest version of the iPad and most of its Android competitors. You won’t get a lot of storage space and probably only be able to connect to the internet through wi-fi, but it should still perform well around the house and be well put together. Read our guide to the best iPad alternatives for an example of some of the tablets in this price range.

Motorola Xoom 2

Th Xoom isn’t as featured packed as the most expensive iPad, but it still is an impressive product

£101 – £250 – smaller, budget tablets

This is the range that the new Nexus 7 will fit into and offers a much more affordable range. For the cheaper price you will have to make compromises – 3G connectivity will almost certainly be missing and smaller screens will be common. The quality of tablets at this price is certainly improving, but we would strongly recommend checking it will be worth the price before investing. For another example at this price range, check out our first look review of the Disgo 9104 tablet.

Asus Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is the first big name budget tablet

Less than £100 – the bargain basement

There aren’t many tablets available at this price and we would suggest thinking twice before going for the most budget options. In the past tablets costing less than £100 have performed pretty poorly in our lab tests and some have even been branded Don’t Buys.  Read our review of the Disgo 6000 tablet.

Disgo 6000

The Disgo 6000 is certainly cheap, but it didn’t impress in our tests

How much would you spend on a tablet?

£100 - £250 (37%, 725 Votes)

£251 - £ 500 (34%, 670 Votes)

I wouldn't spend money on a tablet (12%, 238 Votes)

Less than £100 (7%, 137 Votes)

£501 - £750 (7%, 136 Votes)

More than £750 (2%, 45 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,952

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To see which tablets performed best in our lab tests check out our Best Buy tablets page.

What makes a Best Buy tablet?

Which? reviews all the latest tablets and gives them a score based on their performance in a range of rigorous lab tests. For more information read our how we test tablets page or watch the video below.

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5 replies

  1. > one of the most expensive tablets we
    > have seen. With a full set of features

    I thought I remembered reading that both versions of the Surface tablets will be limited to Wi-Fi networking only? ie there will be no cellular 3G or 4G functionality available – so it’s actually a limited set of features! :-)

  2. I’ve got a wifi only iPad and have realised that a feature is only a feature if it’s something you’ll actually use. That’s the beauty of Apple’s approach where you’ll use a large percentage of capabilities, versus Microsoft where, even as a daily laptop user at work, I probably only use 5% of it’s capabilities (if that!). So why pay for 95% of something you won’t use?

    It’s the old ‘horses for courses’ adage. Take an honest look at how you genuinely intend to use something, then buy the appropriate device. A good example is that if I’d know the e-reader I bought my girlfriend was going to stay on a shelf I’d have bought her a book…


  3. I am fortunate enough to own both the latest model iPad and Samsung galaxy 2 7inch tablet which received free with a Samsung T.V.
    The iPad is superior in every way and it is as if Samsung likes to make the simplest of tasks difficult and complicated.
    I realise that the iPad costs twice as much to buy but it is money well spent just for the screen alone.

  4. I have purchase a NATPC 7 inch from company called Whendy Lou which comes with the following :- M009S RTB ULTIMATE 16GB Capacitive Android tablet PC – Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich)- now with DOUBLE storage (16GB) and DOUBLE system ram (1GB) for ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE – WiFi
    also more info CPU : A10 1.2 GHz
    Graphics Processor : Mali 400 MHz
    Touchscreen : 5 point multi touch capacitive resolution 800 x 480
    Operating System : Android 4.0 ICE CREAM SANDWICH
    Memory : 1GB DDR II / 16GB NAND Flash – upgradeable by Micro SD memory card (max 16GB)
    WiFi : 802.11 b/g/n
    Connectivity : 1 x Micro SD slot, 1 x AC Jack, 1 x 3.5mm Earphone Jack, 1 x Mini USB, 1 x HDMI out
    Battery : 4000 mAh provides the longest usage time of all of our tablet PCs
    Camera : 0.3mp Front facing
    Android Market / Google Play Store : YES
    G Sensor : YES
    3G : Requires HUAWEI E1750 Dongle available separately
    Dimensions : 198 x 117 x 9.8mm
    Weight : 365g
    Which works very very well for £105 I woul certainly buy another.

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