How to download and apply the Tesco Hudl screen fix [video]

by , Senior Technology Researcher Tablets 29/05/2014
Tesco Hudl_screen fix

The troublesome Tesco Hudl screen has long been a topic of conversation here on the Which? Tech Daily blog. The problem, which has affected a number of Hudls, froze the bottom left hand corner of the tablet’s screen forcing owners to manually reset their device.

We heard from lots of you about this. And the message was always the same, you love your Hudls and are really disappointed by the screen issues.

Back in March, we spoke to Tesco who provided an interim solution. We have kept in contact with the supermarket giant and can now reveal that a permanent fix has been launched and is ready for action. The fix should solve your screen problems for good. Below we take you through how to download the update and apply the fix.

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How to fix a Tesco Hudl with a frozen screen – video

How to find the Tesco Hudl update

Your Hudl should automatically find the update and ask if you would like to download it. But if it doesn’t you should hit the Apps button, scroll to Settings, navigate down to About tablet (which is at the bottom of the settings menu) and then hit Hudl updates followed by Check now.

Your Hudl will then scan for updates. If there’s a new one available it’ll provide the following message:

There’s a new update waiting for your Hudl, containing the following: Upgrade to Hudl version 1.3.1. This upgrade brings you all of the latest and greatest Google app updates, plus a new option in your Hudl’s Display settings that lets users reset their touch screen to improve its responsiveness if required.

All you need to do is press Download. This will update your tablet with all the latest software and fixes including the screen fix. Once it’s all downloaded the Hudl will reboot. This process may take a few minutes, especially if you have a slow internet connection.

How to apply the Tesco Hudl fix

Downloading the update is not the end of the story. The update will have placed a new button in the tablet’s Display Settings which, once activated, should resolve your frozen Hudl woes.

To navigate to this start by pressing Apps, then scroll along to Settings, then Display. At the bottom of this menu is a new button that says Reset touch screen. Press it and then follow the instructions – you’ll be asked to lay the tablet flat, before pressing Reset screen. The process should take just a few seconds and should mean that you’re tablet’s freeze free from now on.

What to do if you still have Tesco Hudl problems

We’ve not experienced any issues with our Hudl since we applied the above fix. However, if you do, please tell us about any continuing Hudl trouble in the comments section below.

We were also able to speak to a Tesco representative who told us that Tesco will allow for a refund or exchange if customers are not happy with the fix. So again, please let us know if you have any issues on that front too.

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Rena Titley

So satisfying to see Which? intervening at last and providing step by step procedure for unfreezing the Hudl screen. I took mine back for a refund as soon as I realised there were problems so now own a different tablet which is giving no trouble. Although I am not now an owner of the Hudl I am nevertheless very pleased to know that every one else is being looked after and that my favourite consumer magazine has come up trumps also. Good luck everyone with your Tesco tablets.


Phil Butler

I watched your video showing how to obtain the Frozen Screen fix for the Tesco Hudl with interest. I note that the Tesco Hudl frozen screen problem only appears to affect the bottom left hand area of the screen. I note also that the download instructions for the fix and how to activate the fix both appear to involve tapping drop down menu options in the bottom left hand area of the screen. How does this work if you are the owner of a Hudl with a frozen screen?


Rena Titley

Crumbs! Now that’s a point. Let’s hope Tesco or Which? Answer that one. Shall wait with interest.



Try turning your Hudl to portrait or even through 180 degrees to get to a responsive part of the screen.
It was the whole screen freezing that was our problem. We had to turn the screen off and on to solve the problem for a short time. It now seems to have been solved by the recent update and following the screen reset (fingers crossed).


Phil Butler

Now isn’t that always the way. The answer is so obvious when it is pointed out to you and also for full screen freeze as well. Thanks David. I was putting off looking at the Hudl pending a fix coming out. Now it seems safe to go ahead.


David P

Thanks for this great fix. It was the one thing that spoilt using a Hudl. But why did Which have to tell Hudl users? Shouldn’t Tesco have been shouting it from the rooftops?


Steph F

Unfortunately this fix doesn’t work for me. I am experiencing the same problem but after boot I cannot get past the lock the screen is completely unresponsive to touch. I have already tried rotating the screen and pressing the power button to sleep and reawaken the device but nothing works. Does anyone know if an update can be pushed into device without any user interaction because no fix of the type described above is ever going to work for me? I am still covered by my guarantee (just) but i’d much rather just get it working again.


J Boyle

Steph F’s problem is exactly the same as ours – screen is completely frozen (not just a portion). We can’t remove the screen lock. We’ve also rotated the hudl (it may respond eventually to this) but uh-uh, doesn’t work. So much for being a best buy tablet, it’s only 6 months old!



our nephews hudl has totally frozen cant get it to respond at all . i take it that that tesco must give us a refund as they have sold faulty goods ?



I totally agree…my son’s hudl screen has frozen I can’t do anything with it can’t even turn it on or off… what do I do?


Pat F

Hudl screen reset. I was very interested to read the Hudl now had a software update to cure a frozen screen problem. However without reading Which? how would one know about it, Microsoft at least has an auto update option system for its computers!
I am on my second Hudl, the first purchased in October 2013 developed a lock up and would not charge, I left it with 1 hour still available and contacted Tesco help desk they agreed a replacement and my local Tesco removed all my data and gave me a new Hudl. Then after only 6 weeks use I have a pixel problem line about 1/4 inch from the central camera it shows a doted line from top to bottom screen, I live with it at present. I had wondered if the update would cure this but no. I look forward to the Hudl 2 in September!


Rena Titley

It amazes me how, no matter how frustrating, Hudl purchasers remain loyal to the brand!!


Adrian W

Since installing the update some of my apps keep freezing … BBC I player now won’t play, and neither will amazon mp3. Beware!!!


Tobias Smellfungus

My Hudls both auto-updated to 1.3.1 the first time they were switched on, which is what I was expecting from reading other forum posts. However, this update alone did NOT resolve the frozen screen issue; I had to reset the screen also.This appears to have resolved the problem. But if it recurs, the Hudls will be going back for replacements.

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