How to download and apply the Tesco Hudl screen fix [video]

Tesco Hudl_screen fix

The troublesome Tesco Hudl screen has long been a topic of conversation here on the Which? Tech Daily blog. The problem, which has affected a number of Hudls, froze the bottom left hand corner of the tablet’s screen forcing owners to manually reset their device.

We heard from lots of you about this. And the message was always the same, you love your Hudls and are really disappointed by the screen issues.

Back in March, we spoke to Tesco who provided an interim solution. We have kept in contact with the supermarket giant and can now reveal that a permanent fix has been launched and is ready for action. The fix should solve your screen problems for good. Below we take you through how to download the update and apply the fix.

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How to fix a Tesco Hudl with a frozen screen – video

How to find the Tesco Hudl update

Your Hudl should automatically find the update and ask if you would like to download it. But if it doesn’t you should hit the Apps button, scroll to Settings, navigate down to About tablet (which is at the bottom of the settings menu) and then hit Hudl updates followed by Check now.

Your Hudl will then scan for updates. If there’s a new one available it’ll provide the following message:

There’s a new update waiting for your Hudl, containing the following: Upgrade to Hudl version 1.3.1. This upgrade brings you all of the latest and greatest Google app updates, plus a new option in your Hudl’s Display settings that lets users reset their touch screen to improve its responsiveness if required.

All you need to do is press Download. This will update your tablet with all the latest software and fixes including the screen fix. Once it’s all downloaded the Hudl will reboot. This process may take a few minutes, especially if you have a slow internet connection.

How to apply the Tesco Hudl fix

Downloading the update is not the end of the story. The update will have placed a new button in the tablet’s Display Settings which, once activated, should resolve your frozen Hudl woes.

To navigate to this start by pressing Apps, then scroll along to Settings, then Display. At the bottom of this menu is a new button that says Reset touch screen. Press it and then follow the instructions – you’ll be asked to lay the tablet flat, before pressing Reset screen. The process should take just a few seconds and should mean that you’re tablet’s freeze free from now on.

What to do if you still have Tesco Hudl problems

We’ve not experienced any issues with our Hudl since we applied the above fix. However, if you do, please tell us about any continuing Hudl trouble in the comments section below.

We were also able to speak to a Tesco representative who told us that Tesco will allow for a refund or exchange if customers are not happy with the fix. So again, please let us know if you have any issues on that front too.

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131 replies

    1. Reset of touch screen on my hudle, wet to display but nothing that says reset touchscreen ??? What options do I have. When sending a message to reply on Facebook and I normally press arrow key, this just moves down a line ?? Other problem when trying to listen to live audio after pressing my sport location I get no response, but when watching a race I have paid to watch I can listen to it no problem

  1. I have reset the screen but still have trouble.
    The touch mechanism does not work properly. I have to hit the screen very hard several times to get any reaction, and then often it still does not work. The display changes unpredictably.

  2. My hudl 2 HAS stopped working, it to my even switch on, let aloan I can’t even do’s the second hudle 2 I got, and had issues with both… Am very fed up..

  3. I bought two hudl 2s. The partners worked, but mine is rubbish, paid cash, so tesco won’t do anything without receipt. They are called tesco hudls? I know who Served me, the accessories I got, but crap service. Didn’t want money back, a swap would have done! Never used tesco since, so their loss.

  4. Recently had hudl 2 returned after being repaired,couldnt turn it on, anyway went to use and noticed there is a crack right across the screen & now can’t use it at all, I know tablet hasn’t been dropped ,or anything hasn’t been dropped on to it .What can I do ?

  5. Got Hudl 2 as a birthday present in June 2015. Yesterday the screen went funny. All images ghosting and faint and flickering. It works but not without giving me a migrane. All is up to date but since Android updated to Lollipop it’s been very slow and buggie which I also experienced with my phone. I am going to find the receipt to see if Tesco will help but the screen is knackered. 1 year. What a con. Have been so careful with it as read so much about cracking screens. It’s not in a rubber case but I invested in a good leather Hudl case in the hope of it lasting. Will update you with any news.

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