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by , Digital Producer Tablets 09/12/2011

The Kobo ereader is relatively new to the UK market – although it’s been gaining an increasing band of admirers in the US for some time. Pitched as a cheaper alternative to Amazon’s Kindle, the Kobo’s secret weapon in this ebook reader arms race is the fact that it has a non-proprietary platform for its books. That means that – unlike with Amazon and the Kindle – books can be downloaded from almost any source and exported to any other ereader device. You really do own the book.

What’s on the Kobo ereader?

There is plenty of literature to choose from. The device comes pre-loaded with 100 classics – and in the unlikely event that another flip through Oliver Twist doesn’t excite you – the Kobo online store offers a million titles. Apparently so many books that, if stacked on top of one another they would reach 80,000ft or the edge of space. Something for NASA to look into.

Kobo ereader vs Amazon Kindle

The question on everyone’s lips – and predictably dubbed the ebook reader wars – is whether the Kobo ereader can out punch the Amazon Kindle. The Kobo has certainly won over readers in the US.

Our tech team is currently putting the Kobo ereader through its paces at the Which? labs, where we’re testing everything from wifi connection and battery performance to ease of use and screen display. You can find out more about the Kobo’s gruelling four week boot camp at the Which? labs in our how we test ebooks video.

We hope to have the results of our Kobo ereader tests early next week – where it’ll join the other 31 ebook reader results – so do tune back in.

Kobo ereader discount

And so to the good stuff – the deal. Since its UK arrival the Kobo ereader has been sold almost exclusively at WH Smiths for – most recently – £89.99 but the Kobo is now coming to Asda for £67. That’s a £22 saving and also £22 cheaper than the Kindle for sale at Amazon and Tesco.

[updated] responding to Asda’s dropped price on the Kobo, WH Smith has now pulled the plug on their prices and is offering the Kobo at £69.99.


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brian harmon

is there any price drop on the kobo colour version of the – reader



i do not believe i asked this question before it was my first post on thekobo colour version e-reader


David MacDonald

The Kobo Touch edition which is pictured above costs £97 at Asda. Isn’t this slightly misleading?



Our local Asda had both versions, one at £67, the other at £97. The more expensive one has now sold out locally

Hi David. Good spot. We’ve replaced the image with the Kobo ereader that’s discounted at Asda and WH Smith.

Hi Brian. I think by the colour Kobo ereader you mean the Kobo Vox, which is selling for £169.99 at WH Smiths. This is £20 down on its launch price from earlier this year. As far as I can tell from their website, Asda doesn’t carry the Kobo Vox.



Asda does stock the Kobo Vox


R. Houlding

We purchased a Kobo ‘touch screen’ ereader in October. We had quite alot of trouble with the touch screen, which seemed to have a mind of it’s own and work when it felt like it. We also found the KOBO website had difficulty in recognising our password. We had to
change our password several times. In the end we gave up and returned the device. WH Smith were very good and gave us a full refund. Why didn’t we buy a Kindle?

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