Melting point – Tesco Hudl to get frozen screen fix

Teco Hudl_thawing

**Frozen Hudl update**

We have now posted a step-by-step guide to downloading and applying the official Tesco fix for Hudls suffering from this frozen screen fault. Please click the link above for details.

Earlier in the year we received reports from members complaining of issues to do with the screen freezing on the popular Tesco Hudl tablet.

We decided to investigate and find out what exactly Tesco was doing to remedy the situation. And, although the problem still hasn’t been fixed, owners should be at least a little happier to find out that there is hope just around the corner.

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Tesco Hudl owners frozen out

When we originally spoke to Tesco in March, the grocery giant said it would release a fix for Hudl owners suffering from a frozen screen within five weeks. The fix would stop the bottom left quarter of the screen from freezing, thereby rendering the tablet fully functional once more.

However, having exceeded that time period without any announcement, we and a number of our members were beginning to think that a Hudl fix may have been abandoned:

I am one of the many who really like the Hudl and don’t want to exchange it or get a refund if a fix is really on the way. But we are becoming increasingly frustrated by Tesco’s lack of action and lack of communication with its customers.
John Ellison, Hudl owner

Tesco shortly to release a fix

Happily, for those in a similar situation to John, it does now appear that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We contacted Tesco again this week who assured us that it had developed a fix that is currently going through Google’s certification process before being released ‘within a maximum of three weeks’.

When asked what Hudl owners should do now, Tesco said:

We expect all Hudl owners to have received the update within a maximum of three weeks. If customers have any questions or experience difficulties, they should call our Tech Support team on 0800 323 4060 or visit the tech department in their local store.
Tesco spokesperson

Have you been affected by the Hudl muddle?

If you’ve experienced this problem we want to hear from you. Post your comments below to let us know when you receive the fix, how you were alerted to the update and whether it worked.

We will also update this post when the fix is released to tell you exactly how to apply it so that you can thaw your frozen Hudl for good.

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47 replies

  1. hi there my hudl has frozen since saturday the 15th november 2014 it will come on but it wont unlock i have tried to reset it , still hasnt worked. this is the second hudl i have got now . what should i do please help

    1. I accepted, under duress, a Grade A refurb in place of the original but stated at the time that, if the second one was faulty, I would expect a full refund or I would take them to the small claims court. Guess what? The second one was faulty-frozen screen and no response when tapping on some icons. Today, I rang Tesco who, without quibble, offered a full refund. As I bought my Hudl with boost vouchers, they have credited my Tesco clubcard account with the full amount which included for a cover and in-car charger. So, if you are unhappy, demand a refund.

  2. Which? is more to blame for praising this junk to high heaven after a hugely incompetent testing, than Tesco are for selling it. But Tesco had better stick to baked beans from now on and not venture into areas they know nothing about.

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