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Google Nexus 7

What is the Nexus 7?

A 7-inch tablet costing just £200, the Nexus 7 features the latest version of the Android operating system – Jelly Bean – and some hardware features normally found on more expensive tablets such as a quad-core processor.

You can read how the tablet performed in our labs in our full Nexus 7 review, but what is it like to use day in and day out?

The customer views page in each review lets Which? members share their thoughts and experiences – the things they love, hate and wish they’d known before they’d parted with their cash. To let other people know how you feel about your Nexus 7 or any other tablet, find your model in the tablet reviews and add your own comments and rating under the ‘customer views’ tab.

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One user has been commuting with the Nexus 7 and finds it better than the iPad

I commute for over 2 hours every day in public transport and have used an iPad and Kindle in the past. I soon gave up on the iPad, mainly because it is significantly heavier and almost impossible to hold in one hand over long periods. I travel in very busy trains and unfortunately getting a seat isn’t always possible, which is the main reason I bought the Nexus 7. However, now that I own it, I would say my lucky chance has proven to be absolutely brilliant. I find myself using it all the time, whether outside or at home, while my iPad is no longer used.

Nexus 7 front and back

The Nexus 7 does have some drawbacks such as a fairly small internal memory storage and lack of microSD slot. It also doesn’t support Flash by default and is missing a rear facing camera – but this doesn’t seem to bother most people.

TerFar found a way to get Flash working on the Nexus 7

Download the free Firefox beta mobile browser and install it. Then download the Flash .apk and install it. Switch off and restart your Nexus: and use Firefox as your browser with full Flash support.

They were also impressed with the tablet itself

The Nexus is a delight to hold one-handed, you don’t look silly using a 10″ tablet on the train or tube and it has a good battery life. If email, web browsing, tweeting, FBing, navigating is insufficient for you, there are many thousands of apps to do virtually everything.If you’ve never had a tablet, get this one and you’ll see that the Tablet is the future (for now).

Nexus 7 apps

Lots of members were also keen to point out what great value the Nexus 7 is, offering top features in a tablet costing just £200.

Johnny5 thinks it will be the best £200 you’ll ever spend

The price of the Nexus 7 was the deciding factor in my purchase as you get a lot for the asking price.  The play store is not as bad as many have made out and when you purchase the tablet Google give you £15 of credit to use. The build quality is surprisingly good for a device of this nature and its actually only bettered by the iPad in my opinion. I think if you want to risk getting a tablet then I’d recommend this over the iPad because the usage would be the same only this represents greater value for money.

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5 replies

  1. Although I didn’t need a tablet, I wanted one, but did not want to pay the inflated price of an iPad. There were 10″ Android tablets that tempted me, but still cost too much. The Nexus is perfect, great value, good build quality, nice size and smooth operating system. After two weeks I hardly switch on the desktop, laptop or netbook. This device covers 90% of my needs.

  2. Had it since its launch and very happy with it so far. On the positive side it is good looking, has a clear and bright screen, great battery life, easy and fast for surfing and games, has access to many apps and games and many are free. Google also includes a £15 play voucher which I have not used.

    Weaknesses, very few indeed, a bit slow to boot from cold. USB connector a bit delicate.
    Not as big, mature and sophisticated as Apple’s i Pad but it is half the price! Recommended.

  3. I’m an iPhone user and wanted (but not needed!) an iPad. I particularly objected to having to pay extra for 3G just to get GPS. The Nexus gives me Internet and Email plus a whole lot more, is half the weight of the iPad and lets me avoid bloated iTunes on Windows. It also gives me a chance to see how I get on with Android in place of iOS before I choose my next phone. Sure, the screen’s a lot smaller than the iPad’s, and I was concerned about that, but I’m getting on with it just fine. Highly recommended.

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